May 7, 2013
by mummytofive


Day 7, Tuesday: The thing(s) you’re most afraid of

This one has been a hard blog post to write about, because it conjures up all types of images and feelings that I dont know if I’m ready to blog about!

When thinking of what I’m most afraid of my first thought is always my family. I’m blessed to married to an amazing man and together we have 5 beautiful children, who (touch wood) have never had any serious injuries/complications that could happen to anyone. I’m always afraid that I’m not being the best mother I possible can be for them, I pray daily that they realise the sacrifies we make on a daily basis to ensure we are raising them in the best possible way, and teaching them values that they will take into adulthood. I’m a mother, its our job to be afraid for our children, but I was born to do this! To be a mother, to have a positive influence in their lives and pray that I dont screw it up!

I’m constantly afraid that I can’t do it all
- Mother
- Photographer
- School Volunteer
- Church Volunteer
- Scrapbooker
- Blogger
- Friend
- Wife
But you know what I’ve learnt in my time as being all of these. That its ok to not be able to be them all, all the time. Its ok if sometimes you just have to go with the flow and let other people help. That you need to take time for yourself to just be YOU…
Even though thats something I struggle with everyday, because I like to help people, and so often I do all of these things, with no thought to how much I’m burning out and forgetting the most important person… ME! 
If I dont take care of myself, how and I ever going to be able to be all the above people?

May 6, 2013
by mummytofive

Introducing the RM-770 Robot Vacuum, otherwise known as ROBOmaid!

{Review Post with Giveaway Attached}

With 5 young children who are still learning that food actually goes in your mouth and not all over the floor, you can imagine the amount of sweeping, vacuuming and mopping that is done on a daily/weekly basis in our home.

We cant even go one morning without at least something being spilled in the kitchen or milk and cereal dropped on the floor.

Let me tell you… Weetbix.. it sets like freaking concrete if you dont clean up that mess as soon as it drops to the floor!
With winter approaching though, we normally have toast more often as its nice, quick and warms you up on the cold mornings. Plus if we are running behind on schedule for the morning, we can make toast to go!

Now if only I could get my children to clean up their messes after themselves and I would be a happy Mum! But alas, they still haven’t grasped the concept of sweeping up their mess after breakfast!

My vacuum never seems to get packed away, cause I’m always cleaning up the floors, so I know that if we were to ever win lotto the first thing I would do is hire a cleaner… even if it was just to come in and do my vacuuming!

However in the meantime, I have found a solution!

Its red, shiny, makes a wonderful purring sound as it glides along the floor picking up all the mess that the kids leave behind… and I dont have to do a thing!

Introducing my new best friend!

Robomaid… Isnt she pretty!

Now onto some of the technical details of the Robomaid… I’m not one to read a manual, thats hubby’s job!

But here is what I do know!

- All I need to do with my Robomaid when I took it out of the box was charge her for 12 hours, then press start and off she went!

- Robomaid is more efficient and affordable than other vacuum cleaners on the markets as it uses up to 20 times less energy and 20 times cheaper to run! (bonus in my book!)

- Robomaid uses sophisticated sensor technology to move its way around your home, it takes it sweet time ensuring a thorough job each time. In an hour of being on, she can cover up to 100 square metres!

- It learns the layout of your house, so that it doesn’t bump into furniture, drive itself down the steps or get stuck in the bathroom.

- Using the virtual wall accessory you can section off areas of your home, you dont want Robomaid to go into (like our playroom when Harry is sleeping!)

- Once its used up all its juice, Robomaid will take herself back to its docking station and recharge itself ready for the next use! (no finding it dead under the couch!)

- One extra bonus that the Robomaid can do is mopping… Thats right, with the microfibre cloth that comes with it, you can use it to do basic mopping, with no need for harsh chemicals.

And the exciting part….

Thats right, one lucky Mummy To Five reader has the chance to win their very own Robomaid valued at $399!

Perfect gift for Mother’s Day!

To Enter

Just fill out the form below!

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May 6, 2013
by mummytofive

What Do You Do?

Day 6, Monday: If you couldn’t answer with your job, how would you answer the question, ‘what do you do’?
Today’s blog prompt is an interesting one, because I dont actually work full time at the moment, as we have a little tribe that I’m raising with hubby instead! 
So under that “mummy” banner, here are just some of the things I do (in pictures!) 
I also feed the children, do the washing, fold clothes, make beds, act as taxi to and from school, swimming lessons, soccer training, bootcamp, read, and sometimes even sleep! 
So there you have it, just some of the things I do on a daily, weekly, monthly and hardly (night off) every basis! 
So what do you do? 

May 5, 2013
by mummytofive
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New Friendships

Day 5, Sunday:
Publicly profess your love and devotion for one of your blogger friends. What makes them great? 
Why do you love them? If you dont have blogger friends, talk about a real-life friend or even a family member.
In the interest of saving my friendships with all my blog friends online, I’ve decided not to blog about any of them, cause really its so hard to narrow any of them down! I will link their blogs at the bottom though and you can have a browse and understand why I love the blogs I do!
Its true what they say, that people come into your life for a purpose, sometimes the friendships last sometimes those friendships just fade and all your left is the memories. I’m lucky to have some really close friends, who I can talk to about ANYthing!! There are friends who I used to be close too, but simple nature took its course, and they arnt apart of our lives anymore. 
So to make this interesting, I’ve decided to blog about a dear friend of mine who’s only really come into our lives in the past 18 months. 

Family aside, this friend is probably the closest person to me in the world!

We met through church and it was really a passing acquaintance until I started volunteering in at church.

We were invited to her birthday party and decided we needed to be more involved in our church family and went along and had a great night. We became closer to her family and when hubby started working away she started offering to come down and help with the kids, which was such a blessing cause Mum was still living out at Dalby and my sister was working fulltime with her PT course, so besides a few close Mums at school, I didnt have a lot of people I could turn to for help, especially on the weekends!

Over the months, we have developed a friendship that goes beyond normal friendships, we look at her youngest daughter as one of ours, and she loves our children like they were her own.

She’s done so much for us over the past 18 months, I couldn’t imagine her not in our lives!

May 4, 2013
by mummytofive

Favourite Quote

Day 4, Saturday: Favorite quote (from a person, from a book, etc) and why you love it
So today’s blog prompt is actually pretty easy for me to write, because the topic is a topic that I have blogged about before! You can read about the reason I loved this quote from the book here!
Here is my favourite quote and its a downloadable print as well! 

You can download it here

What I love about this quote is the rawness to it. It shows you that you dont need all those fancy things in life to make a relationship work, that as long as you have love for each other, you will be happy!

May 3, 2013
by mummytofive

Blogging Every Day In May — Being Uncomfortable…

Day 3, Friday: What’s makes you uncomfortable

So I’ve been sitting here wondering what to write for today’s blog post and it’s kind of made me uncomfortable! I mean obviously there are some things that make me uncomfortable, but they are topics that I can’t blog about here on my blog, cause it will make for uncomfortable conversations in the school playground with my fellow mums who read this blog! So I’m going to leave those topics alone!! ;)

So I headed to Pinterest for some inspiration…

And this one image stood out to me the most….


To Be Outstanding, get comfortable with being uncomfortable…

This is certainly what I’ve been feeling as I’ve embarked on my new lifestyle change, with Bootcamp and change in diet. This week alone I’ve had some setbacks and what feels, like an injury to my shoulder, which I’ve then used as an excuse not to train, something that I’m kicking myself about, because even though my body could handle the training even with the injury, I’ve allowed all the negative emotions to catch up with me and its seen me be even more exhausted than usual this week. Granted we had a big weekend last weekend and our weeks are always busy, my schedule actually allows me to fit in training around everything else, so I’ve had no excuse not to train… I just haven’t :(

That makes me feel uncomfortable… And this is not a feeling I’m happy with…
So come Saturday morning, ill be dragging my tired, emotional, injured body back to Bootcamp at 7am to get back on the bandwagon along with this motto!


May 2, 2013
by mummytofive

Blog Every Day In May — Talking About iNSD!

So yesterday I told you all about this new blog challenge that I’m taking part in, here’s Day 1 - All About Me in 250 words or less!

Day 2, Thursday: Educate us on something you know alot about or are good at. Take any approach you’d like (serious and educational or funny and sarcastic)

Today I’m going to talk to you about Digital Scrapbooking (this weekend is the BIGGEST weekend in the Digital Scrapbooking Community… interNational Scrapbooking Day or iNSD for short!) 
Every year on the 4th of May, the communities and designers around the web, hold sales, freebies and competitions to win kits on their respective sites! Some of the biggest sites that you will see me at on the weekend include: 
- The Lily-pad
- Sweet Shoppe Designs
- Peppermint Creative
- Scrap Matters
- Scrap Orchard 
Already on Facebook there is a HUGE (I mean 60+ designers) who have all collaborated to create this Humungous Kit which they are giving away for FREE
You can see everyone who’s participating on this blog with links to where you can download the freebies!
DigiScrap Parade
There are so many things in this kit, that its a great starting point for anyone who’s wanting to dabble in Digital Scrapbooking! This kit would keep you going to months! 

Scrapbooking… it’s what I’m good at… second after being a mum! 

If you want an education on scrapbooking, speak to the professionals

^ any of these sites will give you professional help!^ 

May 1, 2013
by mummytofive

Music on the Go…

I’m constantly listening to music. In the car, in bed, on the computer, on my phone, and on the stereo at home!! We are a music loving family!

Belle and Makka dancing to Pink!

In the car we have on rotation the Metro Church CD and One Direction (dont judge, The kids love One Direction!!) so when I was contacted last month to review the new Telstra for MOG project, I was instantly intrigued and wanted to know more! I’ve tried other programs like this (Spotify) however I like how this was an Australian product directed to Australian consumers!

What is MOG?

MOG? I know the name is unusual however the music on there certainly isnt!

MOG music streaming service gives you access to over 16 million songs on your compatible mobile, tablet or PC.Create playlists, listen to your favourites and discover new music, all on the go. Check out how MOG makes music better, with a 14 day free trial when you sign up as a new user. You’ll roll over to a monthly subscription and charges will apply unless you cancel. Even better, MOG streaming counts as unmetered data for most Telstra broadband and mobile customers. Data charges apply for other users.

What is Made By MOG Juice?

To make some noise about MOG, they have come up with a juicy idea.

Rock, pop, hip hop, grunge, folk. Whatever your preference, age and stage, I think we can all agree that music has the power to work miracles. And we’re not just talking about the effect it has on people. Studies show that playing music to plants makes them grow better. I know for certain that my mood can change just be listening to certain types of music. It has a calming effect on me! You’ll often see me having the music going in the morning while we are getting ready for school! Helps get the kids moving too, no TV for us in the morning!!

So what do you get when you play cool tunes from MOG to an orchard full of fruit trees? Darn fine juice, that’s what.

Sounds like rubbish you say? French scientist Yannick Van Doorne, a practitioner of ecosonics (an agricultural technique that encourages plant growth through sound) has proven that it is legitimate.

Together with a western Sydney fruit farmer, Yannick and MOG teamed up to bring the science to life… and bring you a very special fruit juice ‘Made by MOG’.

We were given the change to test drive these juices for the kids and myself! The kids loved the labels, especially when I explained to them that they were names of songs and those songs had been played to the fruit that was used to make their drink! A little information overload for the kids though! They just wanted the treat of having juice!

 To celebrate the launch of the new Telstra by MOG, in conjunction with Telstra and Mummy To Five Blog, I’ve got an awesome giveaway for you, my readers!

First Place — A $100 gift voucher to Ticketmaster, to use towards any of the upcoming shows, concerts and sporting events that are coming in 2013! Plus you will also win a 1 month subscription to MOG to give it a test drive it as well!

9 other winners will also win a 1 month subscription to MOG, to give it a test drive!


To enter, simply leave a comment below telling me…

What’s your current go to song, when your needing some inspiration?

Disclaimer: We were provided with complimentary product for review purposes. All opinions expressed are purely mine.

*Terms and Conditions

  • Comments need to be made in this post only to qualify.
  • Entries close midnight, Wednesday, 8 May 2013.
  • One entry per household.
  • Open to Australian residents only.
  • Total prize pool valued at $460.00 (1 major prizes at $100.00 and 10 x $36 (1 month subscription).
  • This is a game of skill. The judge’s decision will be final, and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • Ten winners will be chosen. The winners will be contacted by email, then advertised on this post and facebook.
  • Prizes will be sent to the winners via email, no physical product will be posted.

May 1, 2013
by mummytofive

Blog Every Day In May — All About Me?!

A New Challenge…

So some fellow Bloggers (Lisa from life as we know it & Tina Gray Dot Me) and I  are par-taking in this little blog challenge that Lisa found online, so I’m hoping that I can do this… Blog every day for a month… a big challenge considering!

But lets go….

Day 1, Wednesday: The story of your life in 250 words or less (or one paragraph… no one will be counting your words… probably)


I was born 30 years ago in Darlinghurst hospital to parents who loved me so much they had me first. Dad was in the army so in my early years we moved around a lot and at 2 1/2, I became a big sister to Rebecca. She was born in Singleton, which is where Dad got out of the army and we lived until we decided after going to Queensland for a holiday, to move there! At the time, not the coolest move, but certainly ended up being the best move ever!

I finished school in 2000, went to Italy and also started working full time. It was there I met the man I thought was the love of my life, but turned out not to be and a week before we were to get married we parted ways. Divine intervention and I driven in the path (good story actually!) of my now beautiful husband Stuart and in 2005, we got engaged, had a baby and then got married, exactly a year to the day we met. We then became baby making machines and now have 5 beautiful children who give us so many beautiful memories every single day, which we get to share with each other and our beautiful friends and family.


April 24, 2013
by mummytofive

Wordless Wednesday – Starting a Journey

I’m playing along with Wordless Wednesday (like I’m ever wordless!!) by Trish at Little Drummer Boys today as I share with you the book that’s going to change my life!



As soon as I’ve read it, I’ll be reviewing it and sharing my thoughts on it! And the details of this new challenge we are undertaking!