June 25, 2013
by mummytofive

Breakfast Alternative for Gluten-Intolerance

We have been going through some changes at home lately.

We have changed our youngest daughter’s diet over to a gluten free diet. We noticed that her behaviour was getting a little crazy, she would cry at the smallest things and yell and scream when things weren’t going her way, then to the opposite scales, she would go quiet and cling to you no matter what you were doing.

At the urging of a close friend, we changed her over to a GF diet and noticed the difference almost immediately.

Simple changes like Gluten Free bread, pastas and flours, but the biggest one was Weetbix.

This was the hardest thing for her to let go of, as she loved this as her breakfast cereal! Over the weeks we tried all the Gluten Free cereals out on the market and she hated them all!! We did get a winner with Rice Bubbles and she seems to be ok with that so far.

With Winter here we have also introduced her to Oats, normally not something we would eat, she has taken to loving them to warm her up on a cold morning!


About UNCLE TOBYS Quick Sachet Oats

UNCLE TOBYS Oats Quick Sachets are a convenient and tasty breakfast option for busy families.  Microwave for just 90 seconds, stir and allow to cool slightly before serving and you’re done!

Oats are earth’s natural superfood, rich in fibre and a natural source of energy  to keep kids going all day – made with no artificial colour or flavours you can trust your little ones are having a healthy, nourishing and varied breakfast every morning with UNCLE TOBYS Quick Sachet Oats

Available in convenient, single-serve sachets, it’s now even easier to for busy families to get their serve of goodness at breakfast time.


With School holidays here the kids have been loving the slower mornings without having to rush to get dressed, breakfast eaten and out to door by 8am, now they are just having breakfast at that time, as they are too busy playing games and enjoying the slow mornings!


Each of the kids have their own special Uncle Toby’s placemats with their names on it, which you can see in the photo and its made meal times so much more fun for them! Plus they all know where they are to sit at the table!

You can make your very own placemats as well, on the Uncle Toby’s My Little Oats website!

Snapshot 2013-06-25 09-57-14

You can print these at home! It’s a great cold winters day activity to do at home with the kids!

In conjunction with Uncle Toby’s I have a special School Holidays giveaway just for you!

Something to record all those special memories that you create on school holiday time!



Its the Canon Legria HF R38 Full HD Wifi Video Camera valued at $400! 
To Enter just tell us how you entertain your kids at breakfast time to win the Canon Camcorder and a winter supply of Uncle Toby’s Quick Sachet Oats to enjoy with the kids!



June 24, 2013
by mummytofive

Announcing Australia’s biggest toy sale at Target [and a giveaway!]

I love this time of year, its when I start to get into organisational mode…

The Toy Sales are here and the biggest and best one for me is the Target Toy Sale!


Last week Target announced Australia’s Biggest Toy Sale will commence on Wednesday 26th June 2013 across all Target stores Australia wide!

As well as all their normal range of toys, this year in Target stores alone there are over 600 NEW TOYS being released with nearly 300 of those toys exclusive to Target stores!

Best thing though is that Target are offering the best prices with their price match guarantee, which means that if you see a toy somewhere else, they will price match it for you!

Every year when the toy sales start, I have to head into my local Target store and pick up not 1 catalogue but 6 of them! Thats’s right, Toy Sale time is serious business in our house, and each child DOES NOT like to share their catalogue! They each like to pick out the things that they like, which normally is everything on every single page!

This year however we are going to be doing things a little differently in our house!

We are doing something along the lines of WANT, NEED, WEAR, READ, and for their ROOM. Then they are getting one big item each, and an outside toy for them all to share! We are encouraging our kids to spend more time outdoors as that’s where we like to spend our spare time!

Thankfully all the things I want and need for the kids, I’m going to be getting from Target this year!

Here are just some of the ideas I have for the kids (age which they will be at Christmas time!)…

Dominic – aged 8

Like all boys at this age, he’s really into Skylanders, so they will certainly be making their way again into our home this Christmas in the form of more toys and clothing!! Also Dominic is really into reading, so this Zac Power Boxed Book Collection will be perfect for him!


Nicholas – aged 6

Again Skylanders are popular with my boys, and there are a few characters they dont have yet, so they are on the list! Nicholas is also our fastest growing child, so new clothes and runners are needed for him this year! As they grow older, we are also looking at updating their bedrooms and this motor one will be perfect for him!



Makayla – aged 6

Pretty shoes and clothes for our Makayla is always highly sought after at Christmas time! Plus anything Pink and Barbie!!

makayla-xmasAnnabelle – aged 5

Updating her bedroom is something Annabelle keeps asking and asking for, so this doona will be perfect for her, as its has the black and bright colours which she likes! Annabelle has also started showing an interest in reading, so new books are on her list this year!

annabelle-xmasHarry – aged 3

Toilet training is something we are starting to do with Harry, so these cute singlet and undies are adorable for him! He’s also growing fast and is in need of new clothes and runners, and he loves bright runners, so these blue ones will be perfect for him!

harry-xmasThis year, we also have a beautiful new nephew who’s going to be celebrating his very first Christmas with the family and with the Fisher-Price range of toys in Target, I’m sure something bright and colourful will be making its way under the Christmas Tree for him this year!

10099308494878 10105550667806

This year’s outside toy is going to be a new one of these babies! Exclusive to Target, this outside play centre has lots of play options, and at least 5 different things that they kids can play on, so hopefully NO fighting on it! Maybe… Probably Not!


To celebrate Australia’s biggest toy sale, Target have given me a $50 gift card* to share with one of my Mummy To Five readers!!


To enter, simply head on over to the Target website and from the Toy Catalogue, let me know

Which is the Toy thats on your top of your children’s wish list this year! 

*Terms and Conditions

  • Entries must be made via the comments section to qualify.
  • Entries close midnight, Friday 27, June 2013
  • One entry per household.
  • Open to Australian residents only.
  • Total prize pool valued at $50.00.
  • This is a game of skill. The judge’s decision will be final, and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • One winner will be chosen. The winner will be contacted by email.
  • Mummy To Five takes no responsibility for any delay, loss or damage to prizes sent to winners.




May 17, 2013
by mummytofive

Winners of Robomaid and MOG

I’m so excited to finally annouce the winners of both the Robomaid and MOG Winners now that I have heard back from them all and they are happy to be announced!!

So the winner of the Robomaid is Kate Rigg Fletcher

I know she’s very excited at winning, as its going to be a huge blessing to her family of 5 cherubs as well!

Congratulations Kate! 

The Winner of the $100 ticketmaster voucher and 1 month subscription to MOG is Daneal Maloney! 

I’ve heard its already going towards a very special ticket for her to a concert this year!

Congratulations Daneal! 


The winners of the other 9 vouchers for a 1 month subscription to MOG are:

- Cassandra Menne

- Sonia El-Sheikh

- Jamee Berryman

- Brittney Smith

- Katrina Stubbs

- Lisa Warren

- Tina Gray

- Larissa Carter

- Trish Taylor

Congratulations everyone, you would all have received an email from me with your voucher code to MOG!

Happy Listening!

May 14, 2013
by mummytofive

10 Things That Make Me Really Happy…

Day 14, Tuesday: Ten things that make you really happy

Sharing things that make you happy is much easier to do then things that make you sad!

Here are just some of the things (have to narrow it to 10!) that make me really happy!

In no particular order!!


Morning Conversations over breakfast


Coffee… Coffee makes me REALLY happy!!


I love Instagram – Its a visual way to keep up with what my friends are doing!


I love a clean house – Clean House, Clean Mind!


Pinterest – Its my weakness… I could get lost in Pinterest!


Coffee Dates with Hubby (and kids when they arnt at school/kindy!!)


Wicked The Musical — This makes me really happy, especially since they are coming back to Australia next year!!



Making Silly Faces with my girls, they always make me smile!


I’m really excited that Colour Run is coming to the Sunshine Coast!

Scrapbooking Makes Me Happy!

Scrapbooking Makes Me Happy!

My beautiful family... They always make me Happy!

My beautiful family… They always make me Happy!

Now if you dont count how many photos I actually loaded here, you can imagine that these are some of the 10 happiest things in my life!

What makes you happy?

May 13, 2013
by mummytofive


Day 13, Monday: Issue a public apology. This can be as funny or as serious or as creative as you want it to be.


Monday’s are crazy busy in our house!

So blogging is normally the last thing on my mind!

Back to normal blogging schedule tomorrow!

And I’ll be announcing the Robomaid and MOG Winners!

May 12, 2013
by mummytofive

I Miss…

Day 12, Sunday: What do you miss? (a person, a thing, a place, a time of your life…)


Its hurts that you chose her over me…

It hurts that you still see my sister and not me…

It hurts that my kids dont know you….

It hurts that it wasn’t my fault, and yet you blamed me…

It hurts that you wont dont want to know me…

I Miss You…But Your Too Blind To See….

May 10, 2013
by mummytofive
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Me in 10 Words

Day 11, Saturday: Sell yourself in 10 words or less

A short and sweet blog post today, we have to describe ourselves in 10 words….

I’m a little sleep deprived as our middle boy Nicholas has been sick the past few days!

Here are mine!

10. Learner Runner
9. Pinterest Addict
8. Pink Fan (both the singer and the colour)
7. A good listener to my friends
6. Creative Digital Scrapbooker
5. A loyal friend/daughter/sister
4. A Christian living under Grace
3. Photographer
2. Wife to an amazing man
1. Mother to 5 beautiful children

I’m Me!
Considering I can never speak in 10 words or less, I’ve made my words in bold!!

Have a great weekend!

May 10, 2013
by mummytofive
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All it takes is one drink…

Day 10, Friday: Most embarrassing moment (s). Spill.

When I read about what the blog prompt was for today I had to sit and ponder it for a while. Sharing something embarrassing on my blog for everyone to read? Um…. not something I would normally do, thankyou very much!

I’m much more happy to share my embarrassment behind the scenes! I’ve left it all day to even write about, I was even thinking of not blogging today and just picking it up again tomorrow, but the whole point of this challenge to to blog the hard things, and man this is hard!

So I’m going to share the most recent embarrassing moment that I’ve had…

Last weekend, we were invited out to dinner with a friend of mine (who also happens to work at my children’s school)! It was the friend’s birthday that we were going out to share, has become quite a good friend to me, and we really wanted to go out and celebrate with her and her husband and friends. So I organised for my sister to watch the kids (well, more like bribed her by saying the kids had forgotten what she looked like!!) and we went out to dinner. We were meeting at a bar before hand for a drink which was something we were looking forward to, cause we dont normally go out, especially without the kids! So we arrived at the bar, and then everyone else started arriving, including the twins teacher, Dominic’s teacher and some of the other teachers from school. I felt a bit awkward (they probably didn’t care!) being there because I didn’t want them to feel weird that they were going out with “one of the parents from school!”

We had a dinner reservation at 7:30pm, at a Thai restaurant (somewhere I’ve never been before, mind you!) Some of the other teachers stayed behind at the bar as they had plans, while we all went along to the Thai restaurant, we were seated with Dominic’s teacher, who is such a beautiful lady and her husband. Surprisingly both Stuart and her husband got along so well! Being that we are all Christian, we spoke a bit about the churches that we attend and people that we know in common. Being that I’ve never eaten Thai before, I decided to go with something safe… Satay Chicken and Rice! It only had one little * next to the name, so I figured it wouldnt be too hot for my tastebuds! Stuart ended up choosing something Panang Chicken which although also had only *, came out being a lot hotter than mine!

So while we are all eating dinner, one of the other couples asked me what I thought of my dinner, to which I replied

“I’ve never had it before… I’m a Thai virgin”

(seems thats actually has a double meaning!)

Well that set him and his wife off laughing so much and thought it was hilarious!

Of course, I cottoned on to what he meant and my reply was of course

“I know, I cant believe it either, here I am with 5 children and yet I’m a Thai virgin” 

So it seems it only takes one rum and coke, and a night off from the kids and my mouth starts saying the most embarrassing things!

May 9, 2013
by mummytofive

A Moment in Your Day…

Day 9, Thursday: A moment in your day (this can be just a photo or both a photo and words)

We spend between 10-20 minutes a day with Dominic doing his homework, number facts and readers with him.

Now with bonus glasses!

May 8, 2013
by mummytofive

Run Your Own Race…

Day 8, Wednesday: A piece of advice you have for others. Anything at all.

As Mums we often get sucked into the hype that we have to be the best, look the best, and act the best to be able to feel any worth in society. For us mothers who work inside the home (yes WORK!) we often get caught up looking at other people’s homes and feeling like we dont measure up or that we have to have a certain amount of money/car/house/lifestyle to be worthy of our friends.

Well today, my advice is Run Your Own Race.

It doesnt matter what car you drive, or how big your house is, as long as you are happy in your environment, why should you think about changing it to live up to the hype of someone else!

I’m very blessed that we are surrounded with friends who have never measured us up before they decide if we can be friends, however I have in the past met people who didn’t think we were good enough because we wernt in the same social circles they are in.

Their loss….

And in the words of Will Smith…

Whats one thing you do, to make sure your running your own race?