The one where I update you all…


So its been a while, I’m surprised I still have daily viewers to this little ole blog here!

She’s certainly been neglected this past year or so! I really considered closing it down and giving up on this part of my life, however I have a lot of memories here and have met and maintained some beautiful friendships along the way, so she’s here to stay! I can’t say that I’m going to be back blogging as regularly as I used to be, however I will aim to be on here at least 1-2 a week! Sounds fair?! Will you stick around then!

So this was the year that our baby started school! Its been a slow adjustment period of our youngest babe, as he’s struggling with the idea of a new teacher as the teacher (and all his older siblings had) he really wanted finished up at the end of last year, and he was so sad! He still thinks she will come back to teach him! Bless him! We still have tears of a morning, but he’s happy to go at least!! And always has a blast when he’s there!


The eldest is in Year 5 now, Twins in Year 3 and Miss AB in Year 2! Its hard to believe that all the kids are at school now but I’m certainly loving having some time freedom to be able to do all the things I need/want to get done during the day!

Another reason I’ve been neglectful of little ole blog here, is that in Feb last year hubby and I started a little business! It’s been an incredible journey starting this and getting it up off the ground, we have a wonderful team growing with us now and are continuing to grow quickly, as we are bringing an amazing product to the market which is going to change the way people look at their health! ┬áIts starting to gain attention with the medical community and also families and people who want to be healthier in their every day lives.

I’m excited about this and looking forward to sharing more here over the coming months! Feel free to message me if you wanna know more now though! ;)

For me personally, I’ve been on a journey of self growth, really learning to step outside of my comfort zone and do new things I’ve not tried before! Hubby is still doing the FIFO lifestyle which is never fun when the kids want to hang out with their Daddy on a weekend! But we still make it work for us, its a short term, goal and we are have plans to have him home this year finally!

One of those things that was a huge thing for our family was a lifelong dream which finally came true and that was a family trip to America in October last year! If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook friends, you would have seen all the adventures we got up to while we were over there! The main reason for the trip for was for a work conference, but we got to go with a group of our team and it was an incredible week in Phoenix, Arizona! My kids fell in love with it there, and wanted to move there!!! Its certainly a wonderful place and we can not wait for the chance to go back there again!


Here is all of us at our conference with one of our incredible leaders and mentors Maria. She graciously opened her home along with her husband and son, and we were able to stay with her for the week we were in Phoenix, my kids came to love her so very much and created a special bond which now extends to Skype calls with her when we are free!


This was also the first year that I didn’t do Christmas Cards! Which was so unlike me, but this photo certainly went down well with family and friends on Facebook!

Thats all for now, but I look forward to reconnecting with old readers and meeting new ones! Be sure to drop me a message to say Hi!

If there are things you would like to see here again, be sure to drop me a message!

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