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Its been a while since I’ve been on here, heck even I know its been too long when I once again forget the password to log in here!

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been getting reminder emails from my hosting company to let me know that my renewal for my domain was coming up to expire. I’ve been¬†going back and forth in my head if I wanted to register it for another year and today with 19 hours to go, I finally decided that I just wasn’t ready to let this little piece of me go!

I know I’m hardly on here, but I’m still getting emails from readers and also notifications that people are visiting and downloading the things that I have here for download and it made me realise that I need to find the balance, between my blogging (which I have always loved), my scrapbooking (which these past few weeks have taken a back seat to life), home life, me time¬†and also the kids social lives!



These past few months we have been trying to find a working balance between all of these things, and I think we finally are getting somewhere…

But it took a moment of breakdown to make me realise it! It made me realise that I need to change just a few things in our day to day lives to make sure that we have smoother sailing from here on out!


Recently at my sisters place, one of my darling children spilt her red icy pole on my sisters BRAND NEW carpet!! You could imagine the meltdown that happened after I had been telling her and reminding her since she got it, to stay on the wooden floor boards, and away from the carpet. A quick turn of my back to put the youngest rubbish in the bin, resulted in her flicking it out of the wrapper, and dropping it on the carpet!

Now in normal circumstances this would be a easy solved drama, a quick scrub of the carpet. However even though I was able to get out the stain (thankyou God!) lots of factors had me getting overly cranky with her and packing all the children up to leave. Sometimes its easier to just stay at home and not go out, however this night was a early celebration for Mothers Day, so we ventured out past our bedtimes!

That night made me realise that we are still not ready to have late nights (past 8pm) out as a family and also we don’t do well family outings at night without Daddy home!

Thankfully he’s home tomorrow morning (YAY!!!) and this Mumma can get a little bit of a reprieve from it all!

So this little blog is here to stay, I have so much of my Project Life to photograph and blog, we are currently up to Week 20! I’ve blogged Week 1! Behind much?! I have finished all the way to week 13, so I only have a few weeks to catch up on, and I’m hoping to have a weekend scrapping night with some girlfriends soon to play catch up!!

My wonderful designers who I’m on teams for have been creating some amazing goodies, so I’ll be back to show off my layouts using them as well soon!

Plus I have my car hunting adventures to share, so they are coming as well!

This year is also our school’s Funfest, and I’m one of the Year 1 Co-ordinators of the Cake Stall, so I’ll be sharing some of the awesome plans that we have planned!!

Until next time, I’m off to coffee with a friend before the kids get home from school!



  1. Getting the balance right is probably the biggest challenge in a large family, because circumstances are forever changing and you constantly have to readjust where you’re at.
    I know this because I am living it right now as well!!! LOL
    Hopefully the juggling act will become easier as the kids get into routine and age a bit. ;-)
    Can’t wait to see some of your Project Life stuff, I have just started blogging mine too.
    Jac xox
    Jac at Common Chaos Chronicle recently posted..January 2014 – Our Year In Pictures – Project LifeMy Profile

  2. Missed reading your posts but good thing I’m friends with you on FB so that I can actually see how you’re doing. And I can see how terribly busy you are!! But kudos to you for juggling the kids on your own when your hubby is away. :)
    Norlin recently posted..Pampering On A BudgetMy Profile

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