Breakfast Alternative for Gluten-Intolerance


We have been going through some changes at home lately.

We have changed our youngest daughter’s diet over to a gluten free diet. We noticed that her behaviour was getting a little crazy, she would cry at the smallest things and yell and scream when things weren’t going her way, then to the opposite scales, she would go quiet and cling to you no matter what you were doing.

At the urging of a close friend, we changed her over to a GF diet and noticed the difference almost immediately.

Simple changes like Gluten Free bread, pastas and flours, but the biggest one was Weetbix.

This was the hardest thing for her to let go of, as she loved this as her breakfast cereal! Over the weeks we tried all the Gluten Free cereals out on the market and she hated them all!! We did get a winner with Rice Bubbles and she seems to be ok with that so far.

With Winter here we have also introduced her to Oats, normally not something we would eat, she has taken to loving them to warm her up on a cold morning!


About UNCLE TOBYS Quick Sachet Oats

UNCLE TOBYS Oats Quick Sachets are a convenient and tasty breakfast option for busy families.  Microwave for just 90 seconds, stir and allow to cool slightly before serving and you’re done!

Oats are earth’s natural superfood, rich in fibre and a natural source of energy  to keep kids going all day – made with no artificial colour or flavours you can trust your little ones are having a healthy, nourishing and varied breakfast every morning with UNCLE TOBYS Quick Sachet Oats

Available in convenient, single-serve sachets, it’s now even easier to for busy families to get their serve of goodness at breakfast time.


With School holidays here the kids have been loving the slower mornings without having to rush to get dressed, breakfast eaten and out to door by 8am, now they are just having breakfast at that time, as they are too busy playing games and enjoying the slow mornings!


Each of the kids have their own special Uncle Toby’s placemats with their names on it, which you can see in the photo and its made meal times so much more fun for them! Plus they all know where they are to sit at the table!

You can make your very own placemats as well, on the Uncle Toby’s My Little Oats website!

Snapshot 2013-06-25 09-57-14

You can print these at home! It’s a great cold winters day activity to do at home with the kids!

In conjunction with Uncle Toby’s I have a special School Holidays giveaway just for you!

Something to record all those special memories that you create on school holiday time!



Its the Canon Legria HF R38 Full HD Wifi Video Camera valued at $400! 
To Enter just tell us how you entertain your kids at breakfast time to win the Canon Camcorder and a winter supply of Uncle Toby’s Quick Sachet Oats to enjoy with the kids!




  1. I think my kids are pretty entertained watching me run around like a mad women trying to get ready for work and school! Add to that, that I am very uncordinated and there is usually a mishap of some kind and they are set!

  2. I entertain the kids by using the art of pretend play
    I manage to get their attention by saying we’re in a fancy cafe
    So then Miss 8 takes the orders (it practices her writing skills)
    Miss 5 pours the milk or juice, hoping for no spills
    Miss 3 waits at the table, usually still in her pj’s
    I bustle around making brekkie, hoping for no delays
    They all love Uncle Toby’s Oats, and this mummy does too
    We mightn’t be in a posh Paris cafe, but if there’s oats, our kitchen will certainly do!!!!!!!!!

  3. I used to make extra mini pancakes and used to write the letters of their names on them in food colouring markers. I moved to the other letters of the alphabet and numbers later on.

    We also used to cut our fruit up into shapes with cookie cutters so they got to know their shapes too.

    Another fun activity was pushing grapes onto wooden skewers and counting up as we’d put them on, then counting down, as we took them off.

    Not something you can do everyday of course, but it was nice to do when we made time. :) (gosh can you tell I work in early childhood) haha :)

  4. I keep my five year old engaged with me in cooking breakfast and he feels really entertained that way by showing me that he is big boy and can cook. I play rhymes for my one year old and sing for him as well and he loves this type of entertainment. Both these things make breakfast time very easy and stress free at our home.

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