Winners of Robomaid and MOG


I’m so excited to finally annouce the winners of both the Robomaid and MOG Winners now that I have heard back from them all and they are happy to be announced!!

So the winner of the Robomaid is Kate Rigg Fletcher

I know she’s very excited at winning, as its going to be a huge blessing to her family of 5 cherubs as well!

Congratulations Kate! 

The Winner of the $100 ticketmaster voucher and 1 month subscription to MOG is Daneal Maloney! 

I’ve heard its already going towards a very special ticket for her to a concert this year!

Congratulations Daneal! 


The winners of the other 9 vouchers for a 1 month subscription to MOG are:

- Cassandra Menne

- Sonia El-Sheikh

- Jamee Berryman

- Brittney Smith

- Katrina Stubbs

- Lisa Warren

- Tina Gray

- Larissa Carter

- Trish Taylor

Congratulations everyone, you would all have received an email from me with your voucher code to MOG!

Happy Listening!

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