Introducing the RM-770 Robot Vacuum, otherwise known as ROBOmaid!


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With 5 young children who are still learning that food actually goes in your mouth and not all over the floor, you can imagine the amount of sweeping, vacuuming and mopping that is done on a daily/weekly basis in our home.

We cant even go one morning without at least something being spilled in the kitchen or milk and cereal dropped on the floor.

Let me tell you… Weetbix.. it sets like freaking concrete if you dont clean up that mess as soon as it drops to the floor!
With winter approaching though, we normally have toast more often as its nice, quick and warms you up on the cold mornings. Plus if we are running behind on schedule for the morning, we can make toast to go!

Now if only I could get my children to clean up their messes after themselves and I would be a happy Mum! But alas, they still haven’t grasped the concept of sweeping up their mess after breakfast!

My vacuum never seems to get packed away, cause I’m always cleaning up the floors, so I know that if we were to ever win lotto the first thing I would do is hire a cleaner… even if it was just to come in and do my vacuuming!

However in the meantime, I have found a solution!

Its red, shiny, makes a wonderful purring sound as it glides along the floor picking up all the mess that the kids leave behind… and I dont have to do a thing!

Introducing my new best friend!

Robomaid… Isnt she pretty!

Now onto some of the technical details of the Robomaid… I’m not one to read a manual, thats hubby’s job!

But here is what I do know!

- All I need to do with my Robomaid when I took it out of the box was charge her for 12 hours, then press start and off she went!

- Robomaid is more efficient and affordable than other vacuum cleaners on the markets as it uses up to 20 times less energy and 20 times cheaper to run! (bonus in my book!)

- Robomaid uses sophisticated sensor technology to move its way around your home, it takes it sweet time ensuring a thorough job each time. In an hour of being on, she can cover up to 100 square metres!

- It learns the layout of your house, so that it doesn’t bump into furniture, drive itself down the steps or get stuck in the bathroom.

- Using the virtual wall accessory you can section off areas of your home, you dont want Robomaid to go into (like our playroom when Harry is sleeping!)

- Once its used up all its juice, Robomaid will take herself back to its docking station and recharge itself ready for the next use! (no finding it dead under the couch!)

- One extra bonus that the Robomaid can do is mopping… Thats right, with the microfibre cloth that comes with it, you can use it to do basic mopping, with no need for harsh chemicals.

And the exciting part….

Thats right, one lucky Mummy To Five reader has the chance to win their very own Robomaid valued at $399!

Perfect gift for Mother’s Day!

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  1. Oh, the always messy family room. Cat hair, food crumbs, craft bits, it never ends!
    Dorothy recently posted..Hold me, keep meMy Profile

    • I think the kids are enough for me, I couldnt imagine adding animals to the mix!!

      Good Luck and thanks for entering!

  2. Wow thanks or such a great giveaway!! I am the same my vacuum is always out too!

    • Its nice to be able to pack it away sometimes, normally it gets hidden in my room when guests come over!

      Good Luck and thanks for entering!

  3. My living area! With a 2 year old who can’t sit still to eat this would be amazing!

    • I used to love it when the kids would eat in the highchair, hardly any food ended up on the floor!

      Good Luck and thanks for entering!

  4. I would use it to clean my son’s room who is not in the habbit of cleaning his room and does not allow me to enter his room either…

    • Boys, its like they are pre destined to have messy rooms! I’m hoping to teach my boys to keep them clean… one day at a time!

      Good Luck and thanks for entering!

  5. Has to be the dining room after my messy kids eat!

  6. I would use this in the forbidden end of my house where my children have their man caves! Where no human should dare to go :-)

  7. my mother in law has one and thinks that they are great… it might save the frustration of my two year old screaming her lungs out when i turn on the vacuum cleaner!!!! She has a fear of it and even the handheld ones too… This would be a great prize to win!!!!!

    • Our kids used to hate the vacuum cleaner as well Vanessa, so I feel your pain! Our two year old, actually doesnt mind the Robomaid, its not as loud and he thinks its cool that a robot cleans up his mess!

      Good Luck and thanks for entering!

  8. The Robomaid could probably spend a few hours in the kitchen and dining room. My children haven’t learned how to eat over their plates either!! The crumbs….everywhere!
    LisaW recently posted..Divulging what I’m most afraid of…My Profile

    • It’s amazing how much mess they can make! I wonder sometimes if they all need to wear one of those bibs with the lip at the bottom, to catch their food!

  9. Oh, Kirsty, one of these would make life easier! I only have fur kids, but I swear they have a reverse vaccuum that’s full of dog hair that they spray throughout the house! And they, too, crumb (dog) biscuits throughout the house, and empty toilet roll ‘crumbs’, parts of toys ‘crumbs’, a sock that missed the washing basket ‘crumbs’…

    • ooh wow, you might have more crumbs at your place than I have at mine Jo!!

      Good Luck and thanks for entering!

  10. The first ‘room’ I would start with is our main living/dining/kitchen/entrance area. The joys of open plan living (and timber laminate floorboards) is that if there are crumbs in one area they travel very easily throughout! I need a Robomaid so very badly, my floors feel like they are the bane of my existance!

    • Our house is open planned as well, so I know all too well what you mean!! Plus the sand at the front door from the kids taking off their shoes always ends up in the kitchen! Not fun!!

      Good Luck and thanks for entering!

  11. Hi Kirsty! we have a new bub coming in about 5 weeks so this will be on downstairs all the time so i dont have to worry about it!

  12. I think I really need one of these in my life, oh it would make things sooo much easier!

  13. Oh I was meant to say what room I would use it first in and that would be the dining room! All those food crumbs dropped

  14. Definately my loungeroom. My husband insists on letting our dog inside and I am forever cleaning up after him.

  15. Both my girls have now been demystified by what used to be a “fun” thing to do – vacuuming…so I really really need this so that I can sit there, while the robomaid vacuums AND mops the floor while I do the more important things in life like…BLOGGING! ;)
    Norlin recently posted..Fashion & Beauty Tips & TricksMy Profile

  16. I am forever on my hands and knees under the high chair picking up and sweeping up scraps from weetbix and crust to peas and pasta. A robomaid would be such a blessing.
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  17. So with you on the never packing the vacuum away, I tuck mine in a corner knowing full well I will need it again in no time.
    Have had a robomaid on my wishlist for a while now, but something else always pops up to the top before I get it…. latest wishlist winner is a puppy! More mess, but fun mess :) So soon I’ll need a robomaid even more…fingers crossed! Great giveaway Kirsty :)

  18. The dining/living room would be the first room this genius machine would start in my home. With 2 boys aged 6 & 4 that are constantly eating and making mess I need all the help I can get keeping the room tidy; I am 35 wks pregnant and find it hard keeping up with the mess. Not to mention this would come in handy once bub is born as well. What a time saver it would be.
    Kell Kelly recently posted..Casa de mi Padre ~ DVD Review & GiveawayMy Profile

  19. Our bedroom! It’s shocking! Miss nearly 2 takes tissues, paper and food in there when we’re not looking and rips it into teeny tiny pieces…. :o

  20. The family room is the killer for me. Dog hair, food crumbs and left over craft bits that my toddler loves to sprinkle the floor with keeps my vacuum cleaner well and truly in business. Robomaid, please join my family!!

  21. Oh! Most definitely my study! I work from home, making music on my computer and I have what seems to be a zillion cables under my desk so in order to avoid ripping things out I tend to “forget” to vacuum under my desk. Unfortunately this has resulted in the spot under my desk being the equivalent of the Shadow lands in the Lion King.

    Me: Look children- Everything the light touches is our kingdom.

    Children: Wow! Everything the light touches? What about that shadowy place?

    Me: That’s the “under-desk land.” You must never go there, children.

    Anyway, writing this comment has realised that I’ve watched far too many children’s movies and have likely gone insane, quite possibly due to “under desk dust inhalation.” I think need a holiday. Lol.

  22. The Lounge room my kids sneak away from the table and empty buckets of sand out of shoes from school playground – when I’m kind of distracted blogging or checking on FB …
    Trish recently posted..Wordless Wednesday ~ A piece of AdviceMy Profile

  23. My lounge room! Our pet parrot lives in there and I’m positive he throws every last little bit of seed, food and feathers out of his cage onto the floor just to annoy me (we have a bit of a love-hate relationship happening!).

  24. This would be a dream! I would get it straight into the living/dining room (open plan). If this works for my 3 year old, 4 year old and my dog it would seriously save me sooooo much time.
    Mary recently posted..Words of Wisdom as we Approach ChristmasMy Profile

  25. It should probably start in our play area. Little Miss loves going from sand pit, coat herself in sand, and then come inside to play with her toys. I hate the feeling of sand under my feet!
    Narelle @ Cook Clean Craft recently posted..Dynamo Maximum Review and GiveawayMy Profile

  26. Definately the lounge room. Cats sleep in there and everyone eats in there when they’re not supposed to. Dust collects in their too more than anywhere else in the house.

  27. If you could see my house right this moment you would agree that if I won it, Robomaid would be coming to a very good home ;-)
    Janet @ Redland City Living recently posted..On top of your kitchen cupboards …My Profile

  28. Oooh red goes faster too! lol

  29. I’d set it to work in the bathroom to suck up all my daughter’s long (annoying) hair that seems to be everywhere. I’m pretty sure the Robomaid wouldn’t find it nearly as annoying as I do!

  30. My bedroom, the wooden floors get soooo dusty. My home is 2 stories and I just cannot be bothered taking the vacuum cleaner up there and getting all under the bed as often as its needed so it gets so bad sometimes.

  31. I would use the robomaid first under my bed allway gathers dust but hard to get under

  32. For a full time employee and full time mum, this would be a dream! I suspect my 4yo would follow it around for a while, too :)

  33. I want to say the kitchen but my bulldogs do a great job of vacuuming the kitchen from all the crumbs, so I will defiantly say toy room because nobody ever cleans that room apart from me :/

  34. I wondered if these vacs were all they say they are. Sounds like a lot more fun – I think the kids will love this!

  35. As a mum to 6 children and with twin 10 month olds I am forever cleaning the floor in my lounge dining area as it is forever dirty either with food or dirt and grass walked inside by my older boys. would absolutely love to win a Robomaid.

  36. Oops re where to use first…. Teenagers rooms. I’m not sure it would come out again though- might need to send a search party

  37. That’s a difficult question, because pretty much every room is in need of a vacuum! I find myself sweeping the combined kitchen/dining/family room everyday, so that would be first choice. With five people and two cats in the house the robomaid would certainly get a workout!

  38. A robomaid could work miracles in my kitchen/ dining room!

  39. The kitchen! The floor never seems clean for long!

  40. loungeroom for sure. I have an ant problem in my area and Miss almost 2 leaves more crumbs in the oddest of places than Hansel and Gretel tracking their way home

  41. Entered :)

  42. The bedroom – it has grey carpet which always seems to show white fluff everywhere!

  43. What a wonderful giveaway. There’s going to be one very lucky reader. I’ve always wanted one of these. :)
    Maureen | Orgasmic Chef recently posted..Raspberry TeaMy Profile

  44. The kitchen, because the kids love baking cake but all that end up making a mess

  45. i would love this with 3 children :) under 5 would be a great help

  46. wow this would come in handy with 3 kids under 5 i would do the lounge- dining room as thats the worst for vaccuming

  47. I would use the robomaid in my living room cat is my baby and she is forever leaving hair all over the place.

  48. Wouldn’t this make life easier – just set and forget!!!

  49. Definitely the living room – it gets messy so easily.

  50. So many rooms could benefit, oh how I need a hand
    to rid me the monotony of never-ending sand!
    But first would be the family room – with carpet near the door,
    the stacks of sand the kids trek in create a constant chore.
    Robomaid could save the day and clean it up a treat,
    I wouldn’t have to stress about what’s on those little feet!

  51. The kid’s toy room is the first room I’d try,
    full of toys and bits and pieces, you never know what you’ll find.
    Stale crumbs of food squashed into the floor,
    “Oh what’s that?”, tiny pieces of Play-Doh galore.
    Dust under the bookcase where I’ve never been before,
    Bits of craft and glitter can be seen.
    That’s just the start of what I’d find,
    with Robomaid cleaning this mess of mine.

  52. My study-it always seems to be the last to be cleaned!!

  53. Loved your review! Thanks! Have looked been looking into one of these lately… especially with new bubs on the way. Thanks again x

  54. The first place I would use this wonderful time saving invention is on my main hall ways. My kids are always stomping through leaving grass, dust and dirt from playing outside.

  55. My kitchen /family room floor is the hardest to keep clean, especially having a furry little dog, she creates some extra work
    A Robomaid would be a twofold Mother’s Day gift for me and my mother, as I do my mother’s housework (she is elderly and lives alone) , It would save me having to do her floors, and she could just turn it on when she has her afternoon nap , and would be pleased to do her floors when ever she wanted

  56. I’d definitely use the Robomaid in my open living/dining/kitchen area! It’s like a trail of crumbs, dried mud from boots, cat hair and whatever else! It’s a constant cleaning session. I’ve got tiles so the Robomaid would whip through it! Thanks for the chance to win the Robomaid :)

  57. I’d love for it to be able to follow my 4year old around the whole house! Robomaid would be kept busy in the kitchen/family room with crumbs, glitter, craft stuff , sand and general boy grot seemingly always being sprinkled throughout like magical pixie dust!
    ….. My dog might be scared of it though!

  58. I would love to win this Robo vacuum for our place! I can imagine myself putting me feet up with a cuppa while it works it’s magic on all the carpet and floors! YAY

  59. I have a gorgeous Cockatiel in a large cage in my family room. He is a great mimic, but a very messy bird. I would use the robomaid to keep the area around his cage clean, as I am forever sweeping up after him.

  60. A Robomaid sounds better, than Robomum. How I feel when I do the housework! Vacuuming is not inspiring like a green tea, mag and watching the Robomaid loving it’s job.

  61. Oh I would love a robomaid!!! I think I’d start in the bedroom – I hate having to reach in under the bed and will love watching Robomaid do it for me!

  62. The first room I’d clean with the Robomaid would have to be the living room, so I could sit and watch the magic happen.

  63. With a whole house full of plush carpet and 2 messy children and a hairy cat I would love this especially in the dining and lounge room.

  64. Robomaid is like having a Ferrari of the vacuum cleaners – sleek,red and hot for dust and grime.

  65. Our bedroom. I’d stick googly eyes and send him in there to wake up my partner in the morning. He thinks they’re adorable! And the room is constant need of a vaccum so bonus!

  66. I would use Robomaid in the dining room first, then in the lounge, bedrooms and hallway. I might even give my cat a ride!

  67. I’d start in the lounge room and watch it go from there. With 3 cats, a typically messy teenager, a husband who thinks dust is the colour of our floor and a 20 year old vacuum cleaner, the Robomaid has my name all over it surely!!!!

  68. The kitchen for sure! Nothing worse than my housemate leaving disgusting-ness all over the floor!

  69. Robomaid I do need
    For my lounge room you see
    Wood heater, inside dog and two kids it would pick up their hair, crumbs and splinters too
    Robomaid please choose me :)

  70. My kitchen! The wooden floor boards show the dust and dirt something terrible!

  71. The lounge room; my kids seem to make more mess in there than their bedrooms

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