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Day 10, Friday: Most embarrassing moment (s). Spill.

When I read about what the blog prompt was for today I had to sit and ponder it for a while. Sharing something embarrassing on my blog for everyone to read? Um…. not something I would normally do, thankyou very much!

I’m much more happy to share my embarrassment behind the scenes! I’ve left it all day to even write about, I was even thinking of not blogging today and just picking it up again tomorrow, but the whole point of this challenge to to blog the hard things, and man this is hard!

So I’m going to share the most recent embarrassing moment that I’ve had…

Last weekend, we were invited out to dinner with a friend of mine (who also happens to work at my children’s school)! It was the friend’s birthday that we were going out to share, has become quite a good friend to me, and we really wanted to go out and celebrate with her and her husband and friends. So I organised for my sister to watch the kids (well, more like bribed her by saying the kids had forgotten what she looked like!!) and we went out to dinner. We were meeting at a bar before hand for a drink which was something we were looking forward to, cause we dont normally go out, especially without the kids! So we arrived at the bar, and then everyone else started arriving, including the twins teacher, Dominic’s teacher and some of the other teachers from school. I felt a bit awkward (they probably didn’t care!) being there because I didn’t want them to feel weird that they were going out with “one of the parents from school!”

We had a dinner reservation at 7:30pm, at a Thai restaurant (somewhere I’ve never been before, mind you!) Some of the other teachers stayed behind at the bar as they had plans, while we all went along to the Thai restaurant, we were seated with Dominic’s teacher, who is such a beautiful lady and her husband. Surprisingly both Stuart and her husband got along so well! Being that we are all Christian, we spoke a bit about the churches that we attend and people that we know in common. Being that I’ve never eaten Thai before, I decided to go with something safe… Satay Chicken and Rice! It only had one little * next to the name, so I figured it wouldnt be too hot for my tastebuds! Stuart ended up choosing something Panang Chicken which although also had only *, came out being a lot hotter than mine!

So while we are all eating dinner, one of the other couples asked me what I thought of my dinner, to which I replied

“I’ve never had it before… I’m a Thai virgin”

(seems thats actually has a double meaning!)

Well that set him and his wife off laughing so much and thought it was hilarious!

Of course, I cottoned on to what he meant and my reply was of course

“I know, I cant believe it either, here I am with 5 children and yet I’m a Thai virgin” 

So it seems it only takes one rum and coke, and a night off from the kids and my mouth starts saying the most embarrassing things!

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  1. I’ll have to google that , no idea either.
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