When to start planning a birthday party…


I’m both really lucky and also really unlucky that 4 of my children have birthdays that fall in November and December!

I’m lucky in the fact that I can plan one big joint birthday party for them while they are still young and they arnt going to care!

I’m unlucky in the fact that its getting so close to Christmas, do I really want to throw a birthday party!

Last year for Harry’s 1st Birthday, I did the Disney UP Party, one of my favourite parties to plan! Planning this party took me about two months to do, and about a week’s worth of cooking and decorating! And the party was a great success! Everyone thought it was such a great theme to do for a 1 year old!

I also did a Soccer themed party for Dominic for his whole class (all 23 kids and their parents, plus family and friends), which I never got around to blogging about! This party also took a while to plan however the decorations were really easy as I just printed a whole heap of soccer things out and had them around!

This year though…. I’m combining the birthday parties into one big party, while we are going to host in November which is near Dominic’s birthday and just have a small family gathering for Harry.

The past few weeks I started searching the internet for cool party ideas which I could do for both boys and girls! Orginally I was thinking cowboys and fairies, pirates and princesses or a rainbow party, but we have been to a few of these this year and really wanted to do something unique and different for this party!

And then I found it! Its a party theme that seems to be really popular in America, but not so much over here in Australia, a party theme which is used in schools over there often and for baby showers, which is very versatile and can incorporate many things!

So this year’s party theme for the kids is… Dr. Seuss!

My kids are obsessed with the books!

I never realised but there are 46 books that Dr Seuss published! What a wealth of party planning ideas I’ll be able to get from all those books!!

I have been getting pretty excited about all the things I can do for this theme, I’ve been loving looking on Pinterest, Etsy and other peoples blogs to get ideas and be inspired about how I can plan this party!

We went out to the shops yesterday and I loved looking up and down the aisles of  The Reject Shop and seeing things there that would be perfect for the party, that I’ve already started to pick up some things that we can use for the party!

I’m sure over the coming weeks and months, i’ll be sharing more of my Dr. Seuss party planning ideas! I’m even going to be creating my own invitations and decorations to use at the party!

How far out from a party do you start planning?

Do you do “theme’s” for your children’s birthday parties? 


  1. I love a good theme party! I start planning 1-2 months in advance usually. Last year we did a Dr Suess theme for our twins first birthday (blogged here http://trulyblessedlife.wordpress.com/2011/11/13/twinlets-suessical-birthday-bash/ and I started about 6 months out, lots of pinning, blog searching, sourcing products, crafting, list writing and cooking. Was so worth it!

  2. I decided long ago that my children would only have a party every second year. Stupidly, both parties fall in the same year. lol. I love a themed party…it makes it so much easier to plan, and you can go crazy with it! Last year, I organised a Scooby Doo party for my son, and a very girlie high tea for my daughter. All of the parents that attended were amazed. Having a themed party at home was actually cheaper than going to a play centre, and all of the kids had a unique experience.
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  3. Whoa! Just looked at that Dr Seuss party you linked to!! That is totally crazy and amazing all in one.
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  4. Wow! Well, with such a big party I can’t blame you for starting one so soon! I’m a very last minute person, so I don’t plan until…say even a few weeks before the day. Yes that bad. But this year Master 6 will be having his while we’re in S’pore so I’m going to actually have to start planning NOW! GAH!!
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  5. I’m thinking about ideas “constantly” – but when it comes down to actually making decisions and taking action, maybe a month or two out from the date? Can’t wait to see what you come up with for the Seuss-tacular!!
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