Toy Sale Planning 101


Its all about to begin again, the countdown to Christmas!

Well not quite JUST yet, but it all starts with the June Toy Sales.

Each year Target, Big W and KMart all release their jam packed toy sale catalogues, with all the latest and greatest toys that are on offer for kids of all ages!

This year I’m starting early like I do every year! These toy sales are when I do the majority of my christmas shopping, ¬†and I aim to have 80% of it done during these two weeks of sales.

Why you wonder? Well besides having 5 kids and extended family I need to buy presents for, it gives me 6 months to pay off the layby’s!

So how do keep my layby’s in order?

With one of these babies

This is my Christmas Layby book from last year (and catalogue too!), and this year I’m creating another one!

It will hold all the ideas of what I want to get the kids, broken down by Boys and Girls, present ideas for family and ideas for family to get the kids!

In the front of the book, I keep all the layby receipts in a envelope stapled into the front, for each individual store, when each layby needs to be paid off by and how often I need to make repayments!

I’m looking forward to the VIP event that Target is holding tomorrow night at selected Target stores!

I love that Target are going to have over 290 exclusive toys only available there and more than 100 toys that are half price!

Be sure to read my blog on Thursday, where I will be recapping my Target VIP Night as well as giving away a $50 giftcard for my readers so that they can get an early start on Christmas Shopping too!

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