Thankful Thursday — 50 reasons why I love my Mum


So it’s 10:30pm Wednesday night and I’m laying here in bed trying to think up of a special way of how I’m going to wish my Mum a Happy Birthday for tomorrow (well today when you actually read it!!)

So today to celebrate my Mum’s 50th birthday I wanted to share with you the top 50 reasons why I love my Mum and I’m thankful for her plus some random facts about her thrown in for good measure!

1. Hello! She gave birth to moi nearly 29 years ago!
2. She gave birth to the best sister a girl could ask for!
3. She’s the awesomest Nanna to 7 grandchildren
4. She totally rocks the cougar status for having a partner 11 years younger than her and 10 years older than me!! GO Mum!!
5. Over the years she’s been surrogate mum to numerous friends from school who all called her mum!
6. She was at the birth of three out of five children (not the twins cause that was a c-section!)
7. She was there at the birth of both of my sisters kids!
8. She’s a Bundy rum lover
9. You can’t lie to her.. Even over the phone she knows if your lying!
10. She always knows when I’m upset…again you can’t hide it from her!
11. She always gives us Roses (chocolate variety) for Christmas!
12. She has been there at all the major event in my life! Birth of my children, my marriage to DH, and various formals at school!
13. She loves Pink and Robbie Williams as much as I do! Just don’t tell her partner that…he hates Pink!
14. She knew I would marry DH from the moment I met him! Call it mother intuition.
15. She always knew one of us (my sister and I) would have twins when he had children, lucky me!
16. She got a tattoo when she split with my dad to show off her new found independence!
17. She helped me get my first brand new car when I was 18
18. My first full time job was working with my mum and I loved it!
19. She was a great role model growing up, working a full time job and always being there for us at home.
20. She (along with my dad) took us to Italy in 2000 and it was the best experience of my life…just don’t ask her about her Ouzo experience!
21. Our twin daughter (Miss M)’s middle name is my mums middle name, just a way we wanted to honor my mum.
22. She didn’t lose it at me when I drew on the wall, her bedspread and the floor with red lipstick when I was little!
23. She makes the best quiche, spaghetti bowl, nits and bolts and deviled eggs, just ask anyone!!
24. She drove three hours in the early morning when I was in labour with Miss AB, just so she could be there for her birth!
25. She sat on the back of a motorbike from Dalby to the Sunshine Coast (nearly three hours!!) cause her partner wanted to ride his bike, I’m not game enough to even sit on one!
26. She would let us have days off school, even if she suspected we were not sick so my sister and I could play Barbie’s all day!
27. She once threatened to call the police and make us take a lie detector test when my cousin and I were fighting about something and we both wouldn’t own up to what happened! we would have been about 6!!
28. She’s helped hubby and I so much with our business over the past three years.
29. She would do anything for anyone
30. She no longer drives a Ford but a Toyota instead!
31. She goes for Ford in the V8 supercars but we don’t hold that against her!
32. She’s a huge Elvis fan
33. She let hubby and I (plus Master D) move in with them when we moved back from Victoria and while I was pregnant with the twins, and I’m so thankful for her being there at that time of my life!
34. She was there for me when the baby blues hit me hard, just days after giving birth to Master D and gave me such encouragement to get through it and not into full blown depression.
35. She’s a shortie at only 5″3′, I get my shortness from her! I’m not much taller at 5″5!! My Nanna (her mum) is only 4″11!!
36. She took a day off work so she could be there for Grandparents Day for Master D’ class.
37. She doesn’t like chocolate and could easily leave a block of chocolate in her fridge for weeks or even months! Crazy, I know!!
38. She knows her granddaughters are coming to live with her when they turn 13, younger if their attitude comes in earlier!
39. She has the longest toenails I’ve seen! He brother sat on her once to cut them down!
40. She always has her nails painted pink (or another pretty color) when she comes to visit the girls cause they love her long nails!
41. She knows my likes and dislikes very well!
42. For Christmas she gave me the Michael Buble CD… Only hours before I had downloaded it online!
43. At birthday parties, BBQ’s and get togethers, you’ll always find her in the kitchen helping out or washing dishes!
44. She’s tried to teach me to crochet once… Just don’t ask her about her blanket… Nearly 30 years later and she’s STILL working on it!
45. She has some gorgeous jewelry, the running joke is she’s taking it all with her when she dies, us girls say that’s not going to happen!!
46. She has the most amazing father, who raised her for most of her live! Love you Poppy!
47.. She’s about to host us all on Australia Day and it’s going to be AWESOME!!
48. She has the most amazing family who love her so much.
49. Shes my biggest supporter here on my blog!
50. She totally going to be crying at the end of this… Pass her a tissue please!

Phew! I made it!
50 things I love about my Mum!

I hope you enjoyed reading them all!


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  1. What a beautiful way to say ‘I Love You!’

  2. What an awesome list and what an awesome Mum! Such a lovely tribute to her and she does look gorgeous. I loved reading through your list and having a little sneak peak into her life and your life. You are a delightful daughter my friend. N x
    Naomi Ellis recently posted..a moment of Christmas happinessMy Profile

  3. That’s beautiful! What a wonderful dedication to your Mum.
    The Imperfect Housewife recently posted..Breastfeeding- a weird relationshipMy Profile

  4. Just beautiful, never mind passing your mum the tissues you should just have a box waiting at the end for all the big softies like me that drop by. You sound truly blessed to have such a wonderful mother
    Rhianna recently posted..Thankful ThursdayMy Profile

  5. Gorgeous photo and a lovely way to say Happy Birthday :) x
    Tina ~ Tina Gray {dot} Me recently posted..10 one-liners that I can relate toMy Profile

  6. She sounds like an awesome mum! I can see where you get it from. :-)

    btw – my mum bought me the same cd for Christmas too…after I had downloaded it. lol.
    LisaW recently posted..Thankful Thursday | Depression…three years onMy Profile

  7. Naw, happy birthday mum!! What a beautiful daughter you have :)
    Alyce {Blossom Heart} recently posted..What I’m learning this week…My Profile

  8. Happy Birthday to your mum Kirsty! I’m sure she will be stoked at that list. You should scrapbook it for her – got all the photos you need? ;)
    Laney @ Crash Test Mummy recently posted..Kids Activities: Tiddalik the Thirsty Frog + GiveawayMy Profile

  9. What a fantastic way to say happy 50th birthday to your mum. I’m spending some time with mymum and I am really appreciating how special mums are!
    Nicole (SportyMummy) recently posted..Thankful Thursday: Cousins!My Profile

  10. She is obviously very special to you. What a wonderful way to honour her birthday. Hope she has a great one!
    Jess recently posted..Thankful for the YMy Profile

  11. Awww, this is just beautiful. What a lovely mum you have! Happy Birthday Mummytofive’s mum.
    Happylan recently posted..Thankful Thursday – list of gratitude from last yearMy Profile

  12. Your mum sounds like a treat. Happy Birthday. xxx
    Weza recently posted..Thankful Thursday – open eyesMy Profile

  13. This is so beautiful K. What a gorgeous way to honour your Mum.

    Who by the way cannot possibly be anywhere near 50 judging by the photo! You are all gorgeous <3
    kate says stuff recently posted..Thankful Thursday: Happy New Year!!My Profile

  14. Awww, she sounds lovely. I’ll bet she loves this. I think she raised a pretty fabulous daughter!
    Melissa recently posted..New Year InspirationMy Profile

  15. Your mum is so…!!!!!!!! Awesome post!

  16. Awww how sweet – I bet your mum just loves this. Happy Birthday to her :) xx
    Sonia @ Life Love and Hiccups recently posted..I am hosting the 52 Week Project this Week – Come and join in!My Profile

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