Reflection on the year 2011


We are countdown to the dawn of a brand new day, people are starting to make their New Year’s resolutions.

We all make resolutions to eat better, drink less alcohol and more water, and lose weight and many of these get broken within weeks of making them.

I know in the past I have been guilty of them (well minus the drinking one… I dont really drink alcohol!)

As 2012 creeps closer I’ve decided to make new resolutions this year, ones that are easily achievable and I will be proud to own throughout the year.

So here are my Top 5 resolutions for me this new year.

1. Focus on myself for at least an hour a day — Being a busy mother of 5, its hard to get that time to myself, for myself so this year I’m going to MAKE time, time to exercise, time to read, time to scrap, time to catch up with friends. This is not to say that I’m going to put my children second, not at all, but I am going to aim to manage my time better, so that I can be a better ME.

I know that’s going to mean getting up earlier to exercise (on my new treadmill!!) and probably around 5am, but even an hour in the morning is better than nothing!

2. Time management of all aspects of our lives — I’m going to be better organised this year, I am pretty organised for most things, but I’m going to be one better this year, with the dreams and goals that we have in place, I’m going to need to be better organised!

That means for my blog too, I’m going to aim to plan out my blog better, I have been very blessed to be able to work with some amazing PR companies, which I hope will only grow next year, so I’m going to aim to have a certain day each week for a giveaway, and not just anyday!

I want to have more involvement from my readers, I want to know what you want to read about, with so many blogs popping up everywhere, I want my blog to be for me, but also something that my readers want to take time out to read, so feel free to send me some ideas you have!! I would love to have some more guest poster’s next year!

3. Cook more with my children — As the kids are getting older, they are wanting to be more in the kitchen with me, so each week I’m hoping to cook something with them, which I’ll then blog about on my blog, a way to share my love of cooking and recipes with my readers and gives me a chance to try recipes I havent tried before!

4. Go on a family holiday at the end of 2011 — My sister is currently in America with her family and when I was talking to Master D about it, I said how next Christmas we could all go on holidays together, hubby went to say camping, and at the same time I said “Fiji” which Master D, promtly said “YEP!!” So we are aiming to go there on a big family holiday (plus extended family ;) ) and be over there for my Mum’s birthday!

So that means it’s time to save more money for this very special holiday!

5. Get a new camera just for me, so I can focus on capturing our daily lives and scrapping more — I’m really praying that this is the year that we will upgrade and change or cameras, we have had our Nikon’s for nearly 4 years now and they are feeling the daily wear and tear of photography life! So I hope we can upgrade to the Canon’s Mk II and I can finally have my own camera again (not a work one!) and be able to take more photos of our children and family’s children.

I’m also aiming to participate with Lisa from Life as we Know it — She’s going to be hosting a monthly photography challenge for Project Life, be sure to come have a look!

6. Get hubby a new job, buy our dream land, and design our home — So this is not really a resolution, but more a goal! But this is one we really are praying happens quickly!

I hope however you decide to bring in the new year, you do it with the people you love!

Aim high with your goals, and just enjoy life in 2012!!

I’ll be back to more regular blogging from Monday!


  1. Some great goals there. Happy new year :)
    Katie recently posted..2012… in my headMy Profile

  2. Happy New Year Kirsty! All great resolutions. My kids love cooking too, so SNAP :0) Hoping and praying that things come together for you this year, particularly that job for hubby and your holiday. We’re starting off the year with a road trip down and back up the east coast catching up with friends and family…a much needed holiday for hubby. Was lovely to meet you in 2011, and hope I get to meet you in 2012! xx God bless
    Alice recently posted..Merry Christmas 2011!My Profile

  3. I love your first resolution… I need to take on that one too!

    Happy New Year
    katepickle recently posted..Time Out, Time Off, Time Over.My Profile

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