Christmas (dreaming) Wish List


I’m not normally someone who wants anything for Christmas, I love giving presents to family and friends and not ever worried about getting anything in return… This is the Mum who is still awaiting a birthday present from her darling husband… and my birthday was in January! So it’s not something that I expect at all!!

However I was tagged by Alyce of Blossom Heart to see my Christmas Wish List, so it gave me a chance to let my mind wander… through the catalogues, down the virtual aisles online to see what I would love to see under the Christmas tree this year, wrapping in pretty paper and addressed to just ME!

Here goes….

1. Apple iPad2

I know this probably wont happen, buts its one that I had on my birthday wish list, on my mothers day wish list and something that for the life of me, I cant seem to win one of!

I would love to see an Apple iPad2 under the tree with a purple case please! Ever since they first came out, I have wished for one and only winning the lotto is going to see me getting one anytime soon!

2. A New Camera — a Canon 5D Mark II 

This baby has been on my wish list longer that I’ve had children! I had the chance to own one of these three years ago when we first bought our photography business however were pushed more to choosing a Nikon D300 and I have regretted it ever since! I would love my 5D Mark II to come with a 50mm 1.4 and also a 24-70mm 2.8 pretty please.

3. New Perfume — either Britney Spears Cosmic Radiance or Flora Gucci

Both of these perfumes I would be delighted to open and see on Christmas Day! I received a bottle of Flora by Gucci for Mothers Day last year and its gorgeous smelling! Even my Father In Law thinks so! He sprayed it on himself one time when I had it in the car and DH was picking them up from the airport!!

4. A New Handbag — Oioi Nappy Bag

Is this bag (technically nappy bag) the most beautiful bag you’ve ever seen! I would love to get a new nappy bag/carry all bag for Christmas, with 5 children, I’m still taking a change of everything where I go! At least now I could do it in style and not using one of those material bags from Aldi! They are great for shopping, not when visiting a friends place, or going to the shops!

See I dont ask for much do I!

Really all I want for Christmas, is to see the joy on my children’s faces on Christmas morning, spend quality time with family and celebrate all the holidays has to offer!

Whats on your Christmas wishlist?

Whats the one thing you would REALLY love to see under the tree? 

With only 23 sleeps until Christmas are you all shopped out? Have you gotten all the presents you need to yet, or have you yet to start!



  1. I’ve nearly gotten all my presents sorted. Now I’ve just got to return one of them and buy a similar one in another store, then I’m sort of done! :)
    Norlin recently posted..Tefal Time Trial Challenge with Miss 9My Profile

    • Yay Norlin!! I have one present to change which I have to find from the layby’s I’ve picked up cause Master D got it for his birthday from a friend!!

  2. Oh that is a lovely list, aren’t nappy bags so stylish these days…treat yourself to the ipad…I am sure you more than derserve it!!;)
    Karla (Ironmum Karla) recently posted..Keeping yourself ‘water tight’My Profile

  3. I really want an iPad 2 and some new perfume too! The trouble with the perfume is that I don’t know which one I want as they don’t make my signature perfume anymore Gloria by Cacherel
    Kate @ Puddles and Gumboots recently posted..Making Magical Christmas Memories – FeaturesMy Profile

    • Ooh that’s a bummer that you can’t get the perfume you like! Maybe time for a new perfume! I hope you get new perfume or a iPad!!

  4. The ipad was top of my list too (and yes for last mother’s day, birthday etc). I took matters into my own hands and sold heaps of the kids old toys and books on ebay (raised $420) and selfishly gave into their preference for stopping swim lessons for a bit and saved the rest through that saved outlay for 3 months + cutting my spending. I got the ipad this week and fell in love almost as much as with hubby ; )

    I hope you are at least indulged with the perfume or bag (i love bags and that is so nice!!)
    Deb @ Home life simplified recently posted..The Small Stitches in the Bigger PictureMy Profile

    • Ooh I love your thinking!! Hmm I have a wedding dress there that I’ve never worn!! Long story bit I could sell that!!

      • I always think like that. Unfortunately while I was still ebaying, I dropped a mug on our ceramic stove top and shattered it – the $500 excess we have to pay for insurance to replace it made me so upset. I waited for hubby to say I needed to use my “ipad money” for it but he has been good about not throwing it in my face (and only half joking that maybe i should have sacrificed the cash). I figure my kids have so much and they don’t need much that this year i am spending money on us adults and spending a little less on their presents (still good stuff but nothing huge like a bike or wii like year’s past)
        Deb @ Home life simplified recently posted..The Small Stitches in the Bigger PictureMy Profile

  5. You get that camera and I’ll have your old one :P And we have an old-style Oioi nappy bag that looks like a nappy bag. It’s served us well, but how a pretty one like that would go down well!!
    Alyce recently posted..Guest Post: The devastating effects of being hungryMy Profile

  6. Is there anyone anywhere that DOESN’T want an iPad? Lol.
    I need some new perfume too, Rock Princess by Vera Wang is my favourite but I’m almost out!
    Kellie – Good, Bad & Unnecessary recently posted..Things I KnowMy Profile

  7. I just want a new phone.. I was thinking of an Iphone 4S, but after hearing about an Iphone burning up, I guess I’ll just wish for a Samsung Nexus! A camera would be a plus!
    Erica recently posted..jump higher basketballMy Profile

  8. I haven’t even thought about shopping yet! As for my Christmas wish…all I really want is a Kikki.K family planner. I’m cheap (but not easy. lol)
    LisaW recently posted..Winner | Souls Australian Massage ThongsMy Profile

  9. Thats a good list!
    I want an new iPad but am tempted to just wait for the next one to be released!

    What i really want is a new clothes – ive lost 2 stone this year so i think it’s about time I did!
    Lucy recently posted..Where Can i find A Personalized Letter From SantaMy Profile

  10. i just made my Christmas wishlist too. and we have two items in common :D
    Cherry recently posted..Disabled Cars, Disabled cars articleMy Profile

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