Top 5 Movies for Children to see this School Holidays!!!


With school holidays coming up, I’m looking forward to taking the kids to see a movie (or two!!)

My children are still at the age that they wont sit still through a whole movie unless its exciting… or a cartoon!!

So here are my Top  Movies for Children to see this School Holidays!


1.  Santa Apprentice

Santa's Apprentice

Starring Australia’s very own Delta Goodrem and Georgie Parker, Santa’s Apprentice follows the story of a young Australian boy named Nicholas, who is in line as the next Santa Claus!

This looks like a movie that I could get my kids (minus Master H!) to sit in a cinema for 1hour 17 minutes without them getting too restless or bored!

This is going to be one of our Advent Calendar activities!

2. Arthur Christmas 

Arthur Christmas

From the makers of Wallace and Gromit and Flushed Away, the story follows Arthur… the son of Santa Claus and Mrs Claus and brother of Steve. As a tight family unit they run the high tech, with military style precision North Pole which enables Santa to be able to deliver presents to all the children of the world in one night.

Considering my children loved Flushed Away, I’m curious to see if they would enjoy this as well. With it more realistic cartoons and running for an hour and 37 minutes, I’m sure it portays Santa in a funny new light!

3. Alvin and The Chipmunks 3: Chipwrecked

Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked

The hugely loveable and cheeky Alvin, Simon and Theodore along with the Chipettes are back again in this sequel, after enjoying a lovely Cruise with Dave, they wind up shipwrecked on a desert island they get up to their usual antics while singing and dancing their way through everything!

I know all four of my eldest kids would love to see this, they are huge Alvin and the Chipmunk fans, all fighting over who gets to be Alvin when they are watching it! With a running time of 1 hour 30minutes, I’m sure the singing, dancing and the crazy things they do, will ensure my children wont get bored!!

4. Puss In Boots

Puss In Boots

A branch off of the hugely successful Shrek trilogy, finds Puss as the main character in the next instalment. As Puss teams up with the mastermind character of Humpty Dumpty and Kitty to steal the Goose that lays the Golden Egg!

I know that my boys would definitely love to see this at the movies, my girls however I’m not so sure of, they normally wont sit through the whole movie of Shrek were my boys will, so this might be a movie that Daddy will take the boys to for a Boys Afternoon Hang Out (cant say date…they are boys!!) With a running time of an hour 40 minutes, it will be a movie that will be over before you know it!

5. Happy Feet 2 

Happy Feet 2

Who could forget the hugely successful movie of 2006, Happy Feet! Well the sequel is finally here and with voices by Brad Pitt, Robin Williams, Pink! and Magda Szubanski, its bound to be as hilariously funny as the first!

With a running time of 1 hour 50 minutes, its one that might seem a little young for the younger ones, but a movie that the older kids would definitely enjoy!

Next time I’ll share with you the Top 5 Movies for Adults to see these School Holidays!

What movies are you planning on taking your kids to these School Holidays? 


  1. we saw santa’s apprentice last weekend (as every other weekend between now and Christmas is spoken for with birthdays and family catch ups and my husband’s working away during the week until the 24th) and it’s a lovely movie, my older 3 were enchanted by the great christmas story, my 7.5yo will continue to be a believer in santa for at least another year or maybe even two after watching it. They all wanted the dvd as soon as it finished to be watched ad nauseum until mummy makes them watch something else.

    I should note that I spent about a third of the movie in the foyer letting our 14mo run around but my husband’s recommendation and praise high enough to encourage others to go see it though. Am sure your kids will love it too.

  2. They all look great. I really want to see Arthur Christmas and Happy Feet 2. Uh, I mean the kids really want to see them. heh.
    Tina ~ Tina Gray {dot} Me recently posted..How to gain more blog readers and followersMy Profile

  3. Hi Kirtsty – just on a side note what age do you think you’d first take kids to the movies. I was thinking about taking Little T over the holidays – he’ll be 19 months only because I know he’d love the novelty (and the popcorn) but wouldn’t only last a short while…
    Jodie – Muddled Up Mumma recently posted..Finding New Friends Feels Like DatingMy Profile

    • Jodie I would see if your local cinema has a babes in arms session, it’s where parents can take their kids to a movie and it’s all with other parents! We only took Miss A, Miss M and Master N for their first movie this year! But that’s cause there were three and I wasn’t game before then!!!

  4. I want to see the two Christmas movies and Puss in Boits with kids
    Kate @ Puddles and Gumboots recently posted..Our Advent Calendar Family Tradition – The 24 Days Before ChristmasMy Profile

  5. Sienna would LOVE Puss in Boots! She is a huge Shrek fan, and she has a black and white cat who used to be called Maggie but now he’s apparently named Puss!
    We’ve taken her to the movies twice (Hop and Cars 2) and she loved it both times.
    Kellie – Good, Bad & Unnecessary recently posted..Tell me how you really feel.My Profile

  6. Hehe, Jon-son calls penguins ‘ducks’, and given how much he loves singing and dancing, I would consider taking him to Happy Feet 2! But only if it was Babes in Arms, but they tend to be “adult” films that are baby-friendly… Hmm…

    Oh, and apparently Arthur Christmas is actually quite good! Well, Margaret and David off At The Movies think so, but they’re harsh critics if a movie deserves it!
    Alyce recently posted..Free Christmas Tree Subway Word ArtMy Profile

  7. I’m looking forward to watching that Chipmunks one and the Arthur Christmas! I’m not that great with keeping up with what’s out there…but, one movie (an adult one) I’m dying to watch is the latest Twilight instalment! Sad but true – wasn’t a huge fan before but saw the last few on t.v and the trailer and am now hooked!
    Norlin recently posted..Parenting Magazines – A Wealth of InformationMy Profile

  8. Thanks for the info! Won’t miss happy feet!
    Are any of them from Disney? Have you seen my latest post on the subliminal sex messages in Disney movies?

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