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This is what I know this week in regards to Christmas…. 44 Days today and Counting!

As you know, myself and Tina from Tina Gray{dot) me are doing weekly blog posts about 100 Days to Christmas, so be sure to check them out! I’m linking up again this week with Shae from Yay for Home!

This weeks is a special one for me, I know that this is a special tradition that we have which is close to my heart and one that I feel very strongly about.

Operation Christmas Child is run by Samaritan’s Purse and they have been operating out of Australia since 1995. Each year this not-for-profit organisation has been organising, collating and giving  gifts to needy Children who otherwise wouldn’t get anything for Christmas.

I know that we are really blessed to live in a country where we have an abundance of food, clean water and a safe place to sleep, that its the little things we do like help out a person in need that makes us special.

Since starting Operation Christmas Child in the United States back in 1970, they have delivered Christmas boxes to 77 million children in 130 countries! Thats nearly 1,878,000 boxes a year!

Imagine when a child opens a box of specially hand chosen gifts by yourself, just beautiful in my opinion! I know that when a child receives a special present lovingly wrapped by a adult, the look on their little faces is just a blessing. I know that I have a really giving nature and love to see that the present that I choose is something that my children/husband/family/friend/loves.

It doesn’t cost much time/effort/money to be able to create a Christmas Child gift box, so why not do this with your children this year!?

I know that there are so many great ideas of presents that you can pack into those little shoeboxes:

    Teddy bear, doll, soft toy, etc.
    Exercise book, pencil case, pens, pencils, colouring pencils, sharpener, eraser, chalk, etc.
    T-shirt, shorts, underwear, cap, beanie, sandals, thongs, etc.
    Tennis ball, cars, skipping rope, marbles, musical instrument, yo-yo, slinky, finger puppets, wind up torch, etc. (No battery operated items)*
    Soap and face washer, toothbrush, hairbrush, comb, hair-clips, scrunchies, etc.(No toothpaste)*
    Carry bag, sunglasses, bangles, necklaces, craft kits, stickers, note or photo of yourself.
Considering these gorgeous little boxes are going to be travelling overseas, there are a couple of things that they recommend that you DONT pack into the boxes.
  • ITEMS THAT LEAK OR MELT – (these can spoil boxes) including toothpaste, shampoo, bubbles, plasticine/play dough and batteries
  • FOOD OR LOLLIES OF ANY KIND – (due to customs regulations) including medicines and vitamins
  • ANY USED OR DAMAGED ITEMS – (due to customs regulations) including worn clothing and old toys
  • ANY BREAKABLE ITEMS – including glass, porcelain and mirrors
  • ANY ITEM THAT CAN SCARE OR HARM A CHILD – including knives, war-related toys and toy guns
  • ANY GAMBLING-RELATED ITEMS – including play money, playing cards and dominoes
Be sure to check out HERE, where you can find where to post/drop off your boxes when all packaged up.
We have done two little boxes up, the girls have done one and our boys have done one, they are so excited! I love that we are teaching our children, that Christmas time isnt just about getting lots of presents, but actually its about giving.
I would love to see your gift boxes if you decide to do one! Be sure to share it on my Facebook page!


  1. Such a beautiful idea and so powerful for the child recieving & child/ren giving

  2. A great idea ! We get so caught up in giving each other presents during Christmas, it’s nice to know that there are organisations that remind us to give to those who need it most.
    Grace recently posted..Things I Know…in Random OrderMy Profile

  3. This is such a lovely concept! I haven’t done a Christmas donation since the boys were born. Time to start again.
    Nee Say recently posted..Things I know: A week of celebration!My Profile

  4. Lovely idea, something else to think about doing this year apart from the Wishing Tree and food donations at the kids’ school :)
    Jayne recently posted..Things I KnowMy Profile

  5. We have done it a few years but missed this year due to traveling. It is such a worthy cause. I love the suggestion guide even for my own gift giving.
    Trish recently posted..Thankful for Unicorns, that moment and secret ink !My Profile

  6. This is such a beautiful idea! I’ve been talking to the Irishman about doing a charity gift for Christmas as well as for our kids to teach them about giving, and this would be perfect :)
    Sienna would love choosing some little trinkets to put in the box!
    Kellie – Good, Bad & Unnecessary recently posted..Things I KnowMy Profile

  7. It really brings home how lucky we are to live in a country and economy where it is too hard to choose presents for our children because they already have everything. Such a small amount of effort and such simple gifts can make a so much difference to these kids. What a brilliant idea!
    Skyelee recently posted..Things I Know – The Random EditionMy Profile

  8. We used to do these each year for Sunday School… was one of my favourite weeks of the year there! Since then, I’ve tried to do it each year, but averaged every 2nd year, I’d say. But when the kids are old enough, we’re definitely going to do one each for a child their age – a boy and a girl.
    Alyce recently posted..Why the Rememberance Poppy + Thanksgiving Subway ArtMy Profile

  9. We have done OCC for several years now and it is always fun. I try to pick up things throughout the year when I see a good sale to spread the cost out. Big W always sells stocking stuffers at this time of year and some of the games (like a jumping frog game) are perfect.
    Other things I have put in include, wind up torches (aldi was selling them for $5 the other week), skipping ropes, magnifying glasses, and musical instruments.
    Our kids love doing them!
    Jo @Countrylifeexperiment recently posted..In Praise Of Wait People Everywhere (And I Have a Bit Of A Rant).My Profile

  10. Love it when people remember that Christmas is not just about receiving, but giving too. Next week we are going to a Children’s Home for some Xmas cheer as part of our office thing.. God bless all the little ones :)
    Ai Sakura recently posted..Korea 2011: Seoul Animation Centre & Cartoon MuseumMy Profile

  11. I love this idea! I can’t imagine what a Christmas would be like without cheer and being a little spoilt, of course. :-)
    Jac at Common Chaos Chronicle recently posted..Things I Know -The FAMILY BOND Edition.My Profile

  12. I’ve never heard of this project before, but it sure does sound like a great idea. I think the best thing is to get the kids (if they’re older of course) to pick the gifts, with a specific budget in mind, knowing it’s for some special child that actually needs the gifts. Might get my kids to get into this. Great way to teach them about thinking of others. :)
    Norlin recently posted..Children and Money “I Need It”My Profile

  13. We do Operation Christmas Child too, usually through school. Putting the gift together is always so much fun.
    Jayne recently posted..Things I Know, M~o~vemberMy Profile

  14. We have just done this at my sons school – they do it every year – we all take it our shoe boxes and they do fundraising events to pay for the postage. It’s a fantastic cause & so simple to do.
    Sarah recently posted..Best Christmas Gifts For MumsMy Profile

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