New Christmas Tradition — Book Presents Style!


This is what I know this week in regards to Christmas…. 30 Days today and Counting! We are EXACTLY one month away from Christmas!! Are you getting prepared yet, scared yet, excited yet?? Anything yet!!

As you know, myself and Tina from Tina Gray{dot) me are doing weekly blog posts about 100 Days to Christmas, so be sure to check them out! I’m linking up again this week with Shae from Yay for Home!

This week also means its the start of Kate from Puddles and Gumboots new Christmas linkup called Making Magical Christmas Traditions, and I have to say I’m most excited about this! Being a Christmas enthusiast (wont use freak here at all people!) I love that people are going to come together and share their traditions that they have.

I know that by now, you would know of our special Christmas little tradition edition who arrives at our house unexpectly and stays with us for Christmas! I’m talking about our Buddy Bear… The Elf! Although Master D has started calling him Buddy Man, and Miss M is positive he is a she!

Its seems that with all the excitement of Christmas hes decided to come a little early this year! And has arrived today!!!

Naturally arriving in style, it looks like he’s gone and shrunk Santa’s sleigh and brought some new friends with him too!

Each year when Buddy comes, I know that he will bring the children something little for them to treasure. This year Buddy has been shopping at Coles and picked up all the kids a special little figurine which they can hang on their own little tree in the playroom. We are just missing Mater so if anyone sees him at your local shopping centre please let me know!!

Along with Buddy arriving he’s also brought with him a new tradition to the Mummy to Five household for the kiddies! An advent calendar with a difference!!

Book Advent Calendar

Each day the kids will be able to pick out a book from the front, and open it and we will all read it together as a family. It might be first thing in the morning, of during the day or the last thing at night but its a lovely way to spend time together as a family and also for the kids to countdown to Christmas! I know that it takes a lot longer that one would think to wrap 30 books!! But I love all the new wrapping papers that places like Coles, Woolworths and Crazy Clarks have this year!

The box isnt going to stay there under the tree, because I just know that little hands would get to them, they will be moving to the shelf next to the Christmas tree just out of their reach!

The first book that we will be reading is A Christmas Story, I thought very fitting to start of our daily book advent calendar!

With all these books being talked about, after chatting with some new friends I’ve been able to get together a selection of books to giveaway!!

First up is 1 set of three Christmas Golden Circle Books, with titles including A Christmas Story, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and The Poky Little Puppy’s First Christmas.  (valued at $10.00)

Classic Golden Circles Books

For all new mums or mothers with young babies, these next two books, I know will be great for you!

Taste it by Jan Murray, is jam packed full of nutritious recipes for your children from the ages of 17 weeks to 3 years! They are simple, easy to prepare recipes that will make you feel like supermum, knowing that your baby is having the best meal in the house!

I have 1 copy of Taste It by Jan Murray to giveaway to one lucky reader! (valued at $15.70) Thanks to Bermingham Books!

Taste It By Jan Murray


Baby Bowl by Kim McCosker, of 4 Ingredients fame, has branched out to create a very special cookbook just for your young children. With lots of simple recipes included in the book, it also covers information on fast preparation, nutritional value and shows you which are the best ingredients/recipes to freeze and how long they store for. Covering also Gluten Free and Dairy Free recipes this will become your daily go-to book when looking for something to cook for dinnertime.

I have 1 copy of Baby Bowl by Kim McCosker to giveaway to one lucky reader (valued at $16.99) Thanks to Simon & Schuster

Baby Bowl by Kim McCosker

For all you lovers of fresh delicious recipes using lots of herbs and spices you will love the popular 4 Ingredients Gormet Garden recipe book, written by Kim McCosker and Rachael Bermingham! With over 250 recipes all using 4 ingredients or less, this is perfect for all those hot summer days that are creeping up closer and closer to us!

I have 2 copies of 4 Ingredients Gourmet Garden to giveaway to two lucky readers (valued at $15.00 each) Thanks to Coles (I got these for FREE when I purchased 2 tubes of the Gourmet Garden)

4 Ingredients Gourmet Garden

Now that we are into the final month before Christmas, its time to start planning what food your going to be cooking over the Christmas holidays. With the summer heat nearly here, you want quick, easy and seriously yummy meals! Kim McCosker has just released her 4 Ingredients Christmas recipe book! This is a limited release cookbook and the first one thats been in colour with picture, so it’s even more special for these Christmas holidays! My favouite in there is the Garden Bed Pavlova! YUMMY!!

I have 3 copies of 4 Ingredients Christmas, valued at $29.99 each to giveaway to readers! Thanks to Simon & Schuster

4 Ingredients Christmas

And last but not least is a very special Christmas book. Perfect for getting your home and mind sorted this Christmas period! Christmas Sorted! by Nina Rosace is a simple and effective guide on how to organise your Christmas. Broken down into sections like Traditions, Crafts, Shopping and Survival Guide, this is a handy book to keep in your bag or near your desk to be able to refer to all the time!

I have 1 copy of Christmas Sorted by Nina Rosace, valued at $14.95 to giveaway to one lucky reader! Thanks to Nina Rosace!

Christmas Sorted by Nina Rosace

All you have to do to Enter is fill out the form HERE* and tell me in

25 Words or less which book you would like to win… and why!

Most creative answer for each book wins!

Have a great weekend!!

* As Google Docs doesn’t seem to want to embed properly into my blog post, you can enter via this form! Much easier for me and no jumping through hoops to enter for you!!

Competition ends 4th December and winner announced on the 5th



  1. What a great collection of giveaways you have ! I’d love a copy of 4 Ingredients Gourmet Garden because I’ve only heard great things about the recipes from the other series of books.
    Grace recently posted..Things I Know – The Twice As Nice EditionMy Profile

  2. I love your Book advent calendar! Thank you for linking to my Making Magical Christmas Memories challenge! Great giveaway, I’ll be back later to enter. Right now my brain is too frazzled to think of a clever answer 25 words or less!
    Kate @ Puddles and Gumboots recently posted..Making Magical Christmas Memories – Making ShortbreadMy Profile

  3. I love reading all your Christmassy stuff Kirsty!! Makes me want to get into the spirit in full force. I can tell how much you really LOVE Christmas! :)
    Norlin recently posted..Enjoying My Day OffMy Profile

  4. Every child needs a Golden library
    Planting imagination from March through February.
    So that maybe my children,
    Will rhyme better than I can.
    Alyce recently posted..What Darling KnowsMy Profile

  5. I LOVE that blue Xmas paper! My choice of books would be the Gourmet Garden 4 Ingredients, my kids have become more adventurous with the food they eat, so would like some easy new ideas!
    Skyelee recently posted..Blatant Master Card Ad Rip Off ……My Profile

  6. I love the idea of a book advent calender! And I agree with you, it’s such a nice time together, even if it’s only 5 or 10 minutes!
    Daisy recently posted..Random Things I KnowMy Profile

    • With such a busy time ahead of us, it’s nice to be able to do something special with the kids each day! Thanks for stopping by Daisy x

  7. What a fabulous Advent calendar idea. I love it. :)
    Marita recently posted..Sometimes people believe in different thingsMy Profile

  8. Did you buy new books for the book advent Calendar ?
    Such a great idea.
    I would love the 4 ingredients Christmas.
    Trish recently posted..Saved by Air Wick Aqua MistMy Profile

    • I’ve only picked up one new book this year! All the rest are Christmas books we already owned! I pack them all away at the end of the Christmas season so then they only get them at Christmas time :) I look at op shops, discount stores and Aldi for our books or book depository online!

  9. A wonderful way to countdown to Christmas and get into the spirit :)
    nellbe recently posted..Things I Know about my ToddlerMy Profile

  10. 27 sleeps to go and I need some help to get “Christmas Sorted” by Nina Rosace.
    Santa will be here before I know it!

  11. Oh, I love the book advent calendar idea! I would love Taste It – I am desperate to find ways to get my toddler to eat fruit & veg, & my 2.5mth old will benefit when he starts solids :-)

  12. I love love love your advent calendar idea!!! Such as wonderful way to spend time together with the build up of christmas.
    I am a bit like you, I am loving all the gorgeous christmas paper that is around this year. xx
    Janice @ learning4kids recently posted..Shortbread Christmas CookiesMy Profile

  13. I would adore the “Four ingredients Christmas” book. My little girl and I plan to make food presents for her Kindy teachers this year, and I bet this book would have lots of fab ideas and recipes in it for us – I love that it would be simple too, as little miss is not old enough for anything too complex!

  14. A 4 ingrediants Christmas,
    So quick and easy to please,
    Creative and festive treats,
    Always better than crackers and cheese!
    Elise recently posted..12 for 2012My Profile

  15. Love the giveaway BTW – it was so hard to pick which one to write for!
    Elise recently posted..12 for 2012My Profile

  16. 4 Ingredients Christmas is the one for me,
    Wrapped underneath the Christmas Tree.
    The spread on the table will be a hit.
    And noone will know the recipes are from it!
    The pavlova recipe sounds so yummy,
    Only 4 ingredients- perfect for this new Mummy.

    (I just wanted to add that I have got the books, Baby Bowl and Taste It and find them valuable! They would be a perfect gift for other new Mums too! They are so good that I nearly entered them as gifts for my friends)

  17. 4 ingredient christmas. Because I want to have a fab christmas minus the stress, panic and frantic rushing around.

  18. 4 Ingredients Christmas
    will be the perfect gift
    For a very special sister
    who needs to cook with less.
    They’ve had a very tough year
    with sickness and not much work
    they may only have 4 ingredients
    to make their Christmas Cheer :(

  19. I’d love Taste It by Jan Murray because I’m always looking for interesting nutritious recipes for my little ones. My ideas are never very popular.

  20. I so love your idea of wrapping up a book, and placing it under the tree (or up high on the shelf) for each child to unwrap each day, and so that you all get to read books together. We so miss our books :)

    We don’t have any xmas traditions in our family – so wished we did!

    Love your giveaways


    PS – I entered for my 10 year old son who loves cooking!
    Lisa Wood recently posted..Dear Mr Santa Claus Whats For ChristmasMy Profile

  21. Not entering for a book, as I won’t be able to read them, unfortunately. But I just wanted to say I LOVE the Book Avent countdown idea. Beautiful!
    Melissa recently posted..FYBF – Deciding what to doMy Profile

  22. I would love ‘Baby Bowl’ I have two very different eaters in my household and need some inspiration for new things to feed these hungry monsters. I am a huge fan of 4 ingredients so I would love this doozy under my Christmas tree this year

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