Things I Know — Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Boys and Girls


This is what I know this week in regards to Christmas…. 72 Days today and Counting!

As you know, myself and Tina from Tina Gray{dot) me are doing weekly blog posts about 100 Days to Christmas, so be sure to check them out!

When it comes time to work out gift ideas for our children, I always aim to get them things that I know that will stand the test of playtime, that they are things that they can use between the 5 of them, wont break after one play and that they will love in the years to come!

So when I went shopping in the June Toy Sales I made sure that I got things that fit into all those catergories!

I know that the one toy that my boys will love this year is Playmobil.

Its kind of like Lego for little kids! With hardly any little pieces, its going to be something that all three of my boys can play with! With so many different ranges of toys, Playmobil’s range has some really great gift ideas for girls and boys. Next on our list is the firetruck!

Other things that they will find under the Christmas Tree this year are:

Shirt -, Toys & DVD - Kmart

My eldest is nearly 6 and is starting to really get into Lego, so this will be his first year of getting some for Christmas! Naturally Daddy loves the Fire Engine stuff (being a ex-fireman himself!). Also he’s been asking and asking for a remote control car, and this Franchesco one from Cars 2 is perfect for little hands! DVD’s are always popular and Rio is one that we haven’t seen yet! And like all growing children, clothes are a must for him!

Shirt -, Toys & DVD - Big W Online

My middle boy, loves all things imaginative play so anything that he can use with his hands or being outdoors is a must for him! Fisher Price toys you can never go wrong with, and these tool set and medical set will be great for his active mind! Naturally hes a cars lover as well, so Tonka is the best brand for toys guaranteed to last years and years!

Pj's - Purely4Kids, Toys - Ikea and Big W

Master H is so hard to buy for, being the last child, we already have so many toys and he has heaps of clothes handed down to him from his two big brothers,however being born in the opposite season to them, he needs some summer clothes and these pj’s from Purely4Kids are just gorgeous. We will be looking to the Fisher Price range of toys and getting him some of these. Also when we were at Ikea this week, he LOVED both the pull along truck and blocks on wire, so I think he will get these as well! Great for his growing little mind!

So my Top 5 Gift Ideas for Boys 

5. Clothes

4. Books

3. DVD’s

2. Toys

1. Lego/Playmobil

I have always found boys so much easier to shop for than my girls so again this year, I wanted things that they could both play with together! Their Aunty has gotten them a wooden kitchen for them to share for Christmas, so I’ve been looking at little things to go with it, and the range of felt food at Ikea is gorgeous! I loved them all and can see my girls enjoying hours and hours playing together with them!

Clothes - Purely4Kids, Toys - Ikea and BigW

My girls have decided to have a huge growth spurt in the past couple of months so new summer clothes are on the agenda for them, and some new shoes. They both love the idea of animals however get them near one and they will freak, so I’m looking forward to seeing how they go with ZhuZhu pets! Everytime we see them in the shop they want one!

Girly DVD’s are a must in our house, however with more girls than boys we are normally outnumbered on what we get to watch, so I’m hoping some girly movies like The Princess and the Frog will encourage my boys to want to sit down and watch them as well!

My top 5 gift ideas for Girls: 

5. Clothes

4. Felt toys for Creative Play

3. Zhu Zhu Pets

2. Dolls

1. Arts and Craft


I know that I love Christmas, if you hadnt already guessed and I wanted to share in my excitement of it with some presents!

For the Boys I have a 3 Pack of Playmobil (Boat, Truck and Plane) to giveaway to one (1) Mummy To Five Reader (valued at $65.00)

For the Girls I have a Stephen Joseph Bettle Clipboard and Butterfly Drawing Pad for one (1) Mummy to Five reader (valued at $25.00)

To be entered in to win these gifts here are the guidelines to enter:

1. Add yourself as a follower on Google Friends Connect on my blog
2. Like Playmobil and Stephen Joseph Gifts Facebook Page and tell them that Mummy To Five sent you. (optional)
3. Like my Mummy to Five Facebook Page (optional)
4. Open to all Australian Residents Only
5. Entries close Monday 24th October at 10:00pm
6. Leave a comment (making sure that your email address is linked or in the comments) and tell me

What are you most looking forward to this Christmas?

I’m linking up this week with Shae from Yay! For Home


  1. Ahh your blog is like a little haven of prettiness!
    What am I most looking forward to at xmas? The fact that my hubby has 10 days off work so we get to hang together all the time, do day trips and just be a happy family of five!
    kirri recently posted..It’s not your job to like me, it’s mineMy Profile

  2. im looking forward to that magic that happens christmas morning. Great giveaway! Great ideas too. I have only bought clothes so far so ive got a long way to go.
    Lifeasmummymax recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – A new favourite photo of my kidsMy Profile

  3. I am starting to get excited about Christmas. Love your suggestions. Wish I was organised and had already started the shopping like you have!
    Jodie – Muddled Up Mumma recently posted..My Top 10 Tips for Shopping at IKEAMy Profile

  4. ooh Christmas! You sound super sorted though :-)

  5. I’m most looking forward to seeing my parents, They don’t live close by so visits are very rare.

    I follow you via GFC and i Like your Facebook page.
    Me ‘N my Monkeys! recently posted..Things i know … … …My Profile

  6. Good list! Those Playmobil toys look great! Jonathan’s well and truly entrenched in cars and trucks and planes and trains (oh my!).
    Alyce recently posted..And So It Begins… Some Babyhood MourningMy Profile

  7. I love seeing the look on the girls faces as Christday Day unfolds!
    Loving that dres in the girls pressie suggestions. Really beautiful. x
    Kellie @ Three Li’l Princesses recently posted..Thanks for the mammaries, Mum: how to introduce cow’s milk to a one-year-oldMy Profile

  8. well you already know I love Christmas just as much as you hehe but I am most defiantly looking forward to brand new decorations and theme ahh who am I kidding Im looking forward to all of it even working in the silly season is fun!
    Tara recently posted..Things I knowMy Profile

  9. 1..I am a follower of your blog via Google Friends Connect .
    2..I have Liked Playmobil and Stephen Joseph Gifts Facebook Page .
    3..I have liked your Mummy to Five Facebook Page

    I would love to win boys gift

    4…This christmas i am looking forward to meet all my family members and friends whom i have not met for the last six months. want to enjoy my christmas with them and have a good family time…

  10. Christmas Eve is my favourite part – we have some lovely Eve traditions and I love the anticipation!
    Kate @ Puddles and Gumboots recently posted..Christmas – Tis’ The Season To Be Organised! Plus a Giveaway!My Profile

  11. I am looking forward to LOTS of things! :-) I am so excited about our new black Christmas Tree, can’t wait to put it up!!
    I am looking forward to watching my kids open their presents and having a great day with family..
    But the thing I am looking forward to the most is dropping off some presents for the K-Mart wish tree and Salvos.. Love the job they do to try and make Christmas a happy time for families that couldn’t otherwise afford to!

    Thanks for this opportunity & Good luck all xxx

  12. great information..I have yet to decide a gift for my boy…

  13. I love Christmas but sometimes I don’t love the stress of juggling all of the gifts and food and things. I’d love to have a simple Christmas this year. My ultimate Christmas would be to sweep the kids away on Christmas morning for a holiday to somewhere amazing like Disneyland. It’ll never happen but I imagine it every year.
    tiff recently posted..Things I know.My Profile

  14. Im following as blossompetal.

    I love xmas have so many great ideas here!!
    pixie recently posted..Things I know part 10.My Profile

  15. I’m looking forward to our first Christmas in our new home! And the kids faces when they see their brand new trampoline hehe :)
    Kellie – Good, Bad & Unnecessary recently posted..Things I KnowMy Profile

  16. a great selection, I am with you on the toys that stand the test of playtime for all kids. We love lego and playmobil and also mobilo and I love your 5-1 lists.

    I am looking forward to christmas because this year I am going to make sure I get a seat to sit on and not have to stand, plus I am going to make my cousins much younger than I make me cocktails!
    Gemma @ My Big Nutshell recently posted..Things I know – knowing and being trueMy Profile

  17. Lovely ideas.

    I am hoping my youngest son takes to Lego – my oldest never did and we have boxes from when I was a child.

    Arts and crafts is always a win for my daughter – note books, stickers and pens and she is in heaven :)

  18. This list is totally awesome and so spot on. You are one wise woman who knows what her cherubs love. N x
    Naomi Ellis recently posted..Motherhood 100 wordsMy Profile

  19. I have been meaning to check out Playmobil for my boys, so I shall do that. Great list too…

    I am looking forward to so much at Christmas, the fact its not at my house this year, the fact we only have to go to one house, the boys and what they are getting from Santa, I know one little boy is going to be soooo excited. So lots to look forward to!
    nellbe recently posted..Things I Know: Gluten Free on The CircleMy Profile

  20. Looking forward to seeing whether we can get a nice photo with Santa, every yr one of them cries lol

  21. I am really looking forward to watching my little girl at Christmas time this year, she will be just 2 and is starting to understand the excitement of presents and family parties!
    In saying that, she would LOVE to find some Playmobil under the tree – she is a bit cars mad!

  22. I’m honestly just looking forward to uninterupted days of Joel home. We spend as much time as we can at the beach, just being together and it’s my favourite time.

    Liked everyone. :D (Had already liked you, of course). I don’t mind which prize I was to win, were I to be that lucky.
    Melissa recently posted..Around the Year in 52 books with Averil. UpdateMy Profile

  23. I am looking forward to spending a relaxed Christmas with my immediate family preparing for baby #4 to arrive in January. Thanks for the gift ideas! I have boys aged 5 and 3 and a girl aged 18 months so the ideas are perfect for a usually-last-minute person like me as I will need to be a bit more organised this year! Have liked all the pages. Thanks for the chance!

  24. We are spending Christmas with my parents – I’ve not seen my mum since last Christmas and am very much looking forward to seeing her again :)

    Marita recently posted..Give the gift of time – Gift Ideas for Christmas 2011 – Gold CoastMy Profile

  25. Google friend as chonny88

  26. Mummy To Five FB liker

  27. Playmobil FB liker as Chon Ky

  28. Stephen Joseph Gifts FB liker (told them you sent me).

  29. Meeting up with friends and family over the public holidays because we’re all spread out.

  30. Zhu Zhu pets are the devil!! lol
    Shae recently posted..Scienceworks Dinosaur day giveaway!My Profile

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