Halloween In Australia…Do you celebrate?


It seems that even though all the Christmas decorations are coming out in the shops, it seems that this year, every shop that I go into has ghosts, goblins, witches, skeletons and everything else Halloween!

Happy Halloween Banner

Growing up in a small town we never really celebrated Halloween, it wasn’t something that was popular where we lived, however now as the years have passed, year by year I’ve noticed that more and more decorations are coming out, with this year being an explosion of paraphernalia!

Halloween is big overseas and is celebrated on October 31st, where children and adults dresses up in costume and go trick-or-treating in their neighbourhood in the hopes of getting lots of candy from people when they knock on their doors!

The term Halloween comes from the term “All Hallows Even” and is linked to the Celtic festival called Samhain, which is held every year from October 31st – November 1st where the Celtic culture came together to celebrate the end of the “lighter half” of the year and the beginning of the “darker half”

Most people dont even realise what Halloween is about! But its certainly a great excuse for a party!!! I was browsing on Pinterest for some cool ideas if you were to host a Halloween party this year!

White Decorated Pumpkins

Ribbon Wrapped Wreath

Google Eyes Frame

Halloween Decorated Table

Ghost and Haunted House

Halloween isnt something that we celebrate in our house, we are too busy waiting for Christmas!

But I would love for you to share with me.

Do you celebrate Halloween or go Trick-Or-Treating??


  1. We definitely do not do Halloween. I love all the pumpkin stuff on pinterest too, but have no interest in trick or treating, or having a halloween party. I don’t think it is really part of our cultural history in Australia. I have no problem if other people do trick or treat, but we don’t have any treats to give away so I just say sorry and they keep going.
    Jo @Countrylifeexperiment recently posted..Potato PlantingMy Profile

  2. Haloween isn’t something I have been able to get into… maybe that will change when Little T gets a bit older…
    Jodie – Muddled Up Mumma recently posted..3 Weeks Down – 9 To Go 12WBTMy Profile

  3. These halloween photos you have here are fablulous!
    We’re like you, we don’t really do the halloween thing and are too busy counting down for christmas :)
    We still get the kids knocking on our door though, asking trick or treat? I always forget! :) They end up with tiny teddies!

  4. I celebrate Samhain in May (mainly cause it’s more seasonally appropriate for me) and will be celebrating Beltane instead.
    We do have lots of little kids knocking on our door though. We just put a sign up now saying Sorry we don’t celebrate Halloween.
    I am partial to all the pins showing up about this time of year thou ;)
    Caroline recently posted..Thank YouMy Profile

  5. I thought that was a good post for information about Halloween. I liked the piccies too. But for me I loathe the whole thing. As an Aussie we have not done this traditionally at all in our family. It became an issue for schools a while back whether to “do anything about it” and the state schools did not talk about it. It is indeed basically a religious-type of festival to do with the eve of All Souls Day. I have no idea why it grew to the fanatical status in US either. Personally it is yet another thing we’ve inherited without any consideration to meaning but more to money spinning.
    Now, ask me about Christmas!! Oh yes, you already know how I feel about that! D xx
    Denyse recently posted..Thankful Thursday. Thank You.My Profile

  6. We dont celebrate halloween but seeing as my mum lives in America now I’ve been considering starting to “celebrate” some of their bigger holidays too and by celebrate I mean decorate haha
    I guess I see it is as our 2 cultures colide a little more now and when the boys are older they’ll be able to celebrate with grandma
    But we’ll see if im in the mood this year lol
    Tara recently posted..It never rains it poursMy Profile

  7. Snap Kirsty I was going to post about this next week! We don’t celebrate it, but my kids love the idea of it, mainly because they are dressing up nuts! I have concerns about too many Americanisms infiltrating our culture too
    Kate @ Puddles and Gumboots recently posted..Is Life A Juggling Act?My Profile

    • We are so alike!! We are the same here, we dont really celebrate it at all, it doesnt seem like something thats in our Aussie culture!

  8. I love Halloween.
    It is absolutely my favourite day of the year.
    I’m an atheist and my parents were honest with me about Santa Claus. I never had a tree, nor did I have Easter egg hunts, or stories about giant bunnies.
    Halloween was something that I could do on my own, rather than relying on my parents to encourage it.
    I made my own costumes from old clothes, paint, glue and card. I built my own house decorations from balloons, papier mache and things recovered from the recycling bin.
    I did my house work, saved my pocket money and bought lollies for the kids who came to my house.
    I went out, with my mum’s supervision, I met my neighbours and I was rewarded with a lollypop here, a marshmallow there and a polite “We don’t celebrate that here”.
    I was also rewarded with people yelling at me, hurling abuse and threatening to hunt me down.
    I was 10 years old.
    If you don’t want to do Halloween, put a note on your door – nothing fancy, just a scrap of paper with some legible biro words: No Trick-Or-Treating
    Or, politely say no.
    I love it, I make sure that any kids in my neighbourhood who go out on Halloween will get a warm smile and plenty of treats from me. I know that a lot of people don’t do it, and a lot of people are happy to hand out a lolly, but don’t want to pay for decorations.
    I also know how scary and upsetting it is to be threatened and verbally abused as a child. If you don’t want to celebrate – then don’t.
    I do celebrate, I have befriended many of my neighbours through Halloween and I have put a smile on many kid’s faces. And that’s worth all the 50c Cheap as Chips candy in Australia.

    • We still give sweets if people come to the door but never ever is it ok for people to give abuse to children. I’m really saddened to read that that happened to you.

      That’s really impressive that you made your own costumes, I’m sure they were amazing!
      Enjoy it this year :)

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