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This is what I know this week in regards to Christmas…. 86 Days today and Counting!

As you know, myself and Tina from Tina Gray{dot) me are doing weekly blog posts about 100 Days to Christmas, so be sure to check them out! This week Tina is talking about Christmas Notebooks

This week I know its time to think about Christmas Cards! I like to start collating my list of family and friends who we will be sending Christmas Cards too as I like to get our cards that are going overseas posted by mid November, as its around this time of the year that it can take a couple of weeks for the mail to arrive and I love knowing that they are getting our Christmas Card before Christmas and not afterwards!

As I showed you last week, we go with a personalised photo Christmas Card with our children on them which was a huge hit! My MIL still has her on her sideboard and loves showing it to her friends! Its a great conversation starter as well!

2010 Christmas Card

I created this card myself in Photoshop using All Thats Timeless by Traci Reed and Meghan Mullens (retired) and then I loaded it up to Snapfish when they had one of their sales on, so it only cost me under $100 for 250 cards to be printed and posted to me! A great cost effective gift for distant family who you might not see at Christmas time!

I wanted to share with you some great scrapbooking designers who have created Christmas Card templates so that all you have to do is download them and pop your Christmas photo into them!! (All images are linked to stores, where you can purchase them!)

Gina Miller Designs available at

Being an amazing photographer herself, Gina Miller knows exactly what her clients are after when she created these Christmas Card pack last year, with bright and funky as well as traditional cards, they are easy to use and will get a lot of comments from family and friends.

Rachel Young Designs available at

Black and White photos always look stunning visually and teamed with a Christmas Card will make for a stunningly modern Christmas Card this year.

Shabby Princess Vol 4 available at

Shabby Princess Vol 5 available at

Shabby Princess is the Queen of shabby chic and these two packs of Christmas Cards are no different! From traditional colours to modern colours, these packs cover them all!

Designs By Dani available at

Designs by Dani available at

Designs by Dani available at

What I love about the range of Christmas Cards that Dani of Designs by Dani creates are that they cater to everyone! From the modern, to quirky to the traditionally classic cards, there is something perfect for everyone! Popular year after year you cant go wrong with a card from these sets.

So now that you have chosen a design, now its time to make that list, of everyone who you would like to send a Christmas Card to! I’ve made it easier for you (I’m all about making Christmas easier for everyone!) and created you this nice Christmas Card list (in pdf format) that you can download and use

Download HERE 

I know that making a list of everyone you want to send cards to can be a daunting feeling, so even if you break it down into catergories like Family, Friends, Work Colleagues, Online Friends, School Friends etc.

Then after you make your list, its time to start contacting them all to make sure that your address book is up to date! The last thing you want to do it post one of your cards and they don’t receive it! Thats the best thing about social media with Twitter and Facebook, its so easy to get in contact with people to get their details!
I know that by the end of October I like to know that my address book is correct so that once my cards arrive early November, I just have to sit down and write them all over the period of a couple of nights and they will all arrive to our loved ones.

Another tradition that you could start is by doing a Christmas letter, just a A4 page telling family and friends the accomplishments and highlights of the past year.

Do you send Christmas Cards?

Is a personalised card something you would like to do this year?!

I’m linking up this week with Shae from Yay! For Home


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  2. These all look amazing! I love personalised christmas cards and usually get them done with a picture of the kids on the front. I like the black and white idea. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Quite often I get them written out, rarely do they get sent though. Maybe this year will be different?
    Rhianna recently posted..Things I KnowMy Profile

  4. I am definatly sending a personalised Christmas card this year all thanks to you!
    Im super excitied about it and have fingers crossed my boys will play nice lol
    Im sure if they dont it will still be super cute
    Tara recently posted..Things I KnowMy Profile

  5. This is so helpful! I keep meaning to get back in the habit of sending cards and am determined this year I will. You have given me some great tips and advice to get underway!
    Jodie – Muddled Up Mumma recently posted..Shopping FrenzyMy Profile

  6. Great post Kirsty. I send cards each year but have not yet gone down the personalized card road – maybe this year might be the year!
    Kirsty@MyHomeTruths recently posted..Things I Know – The A to Z of MeMy Profile

  7. Great ideas for the personalised photos ! We did our first last year – last minute Westfield Santa thing. Never again.
    And love the calendar ! It’ll get disorganised gits on the go :)
    Grace recently posted..Things I Know – Visiting the Folks EditionMy Profile

  8. I love making cheesy, personalised photos and cards for Christmas!

    For emails, we ELF ourselves using JIB JAB, it’s very funny.

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! I do my own Xmas cards every year with a pic of the kids usually. Last yr I did one with the three of them at the top of this huge climbing frame, it was awesome!

  10. A great resource, thanks! We barely even do normal Christmas cards. For a few years there I made my own, but now with kids, I have since gotten rid of most of my supplies. Don’t know what we’ll do this year!

  11. We are so doing photo cards this year, I want us all wearing daggy knitted Christmas jumpers and I’ll even buy some bells to wear in my ears. Something really fun!
    These look great hun :)
    Kellie – Good, Bad & Unnecessary recently posted..Things I KnowMy Profile

  12. I do send Christmas cards, just not personalised ones. No idea why…Ok, honestly, it’s laziness. There I’ve said it. Will I do it this year. Nope don’t think so. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love receiving it from others. :)
    Norlin recently posted..Monster High Dolls Outrage – Seriously?My Profile

  13. These look really great.
    I generally only send cards to family and really close friends, otherwise it gets too much for us. Julian’s family is HUGE! :)
    Kellie @ Three Li’l Princesses recently posted..SHED: Boo you, DadMy Profile

  14. Oh I need to learn how to do this! I just go with the Big W create your own photo! Will try harder this year!
    Larissa~My Pigeon Pair recently posted..Saving Photo Memories ~ Things I KnowMy Profile

  15. I’ve started thinking about Christmas too – but my focus is first on baking, then the cards!

    I’m intending to make my own cards this year but I’m actually paring back my list this year – I wan’t them to be meaningful and not just “Merry Christmas, love us….”
    I’ve also thought about doing a Christmas letter.

    Looking forward to reading more of the 100 days to Christmas!

  16. I am so slack I always send them at the last minute or in person. This year I might be more organized with all your prompts ;-)

  17. I always want to send nice personalised Christmas cards to people but never get organised in time :(

    I’m so inspired now Kirsty, I’m getting myself organised now for a nice card :)
    Sara recently posted..Things I know – Sosi’s hearingMy Profile

  18. I stopped sending Christmss cards years ago. Lazy, too many people moved and we only had emails, etc. I might try this year and do a personalised one with the kids in front. It would be a nice tradition to introduce to our Christsmas. I am keen to set up some traditions for our family now that I have one. Thanks for the ideas and templates. It might be easing your posts that will keep me on the straight and narrow this year instead of me falling into a last minute heap on 23 December.
    Veronica @ Mixed Gems recently posted..Grateful for Online TVMy Profile

  19. every year I plan to create these amazing christmas cards…. but for the last 4 or so years I have been paralysed at the point of actually getting a photo. I know you will understand when I say it is damn impossible to get a photo of all the kids looking half decent at the same time! How do you do it?
    katepickle recently posted..Things I know about head lice…My Profile

    • Last year’s card I had Stu standing there with the camera (on tripod) and me pulling all these funny faces behind them to try and get them to look at the camera! It was so freaking hard!!! I think out of 100 pics, that was the best one! Yes Master N has a black eye and you can see Miss M’s cast, but it showed the personalities of the kids perfectly!!

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  21. Hi, last year I got the kids to make some cards and then scanned the results into the computer. I used to add text and a photo of us all on the inside cover. The nice thing about this online card company is that you can do exactly what you want, where you want, on a card ! No set templates or set areas for text – you have all 4 sides to use. They do have loads of “readymades” too that you can add photos too. They have an online help too, so if you get a bit stuck when creating, you can chat online to the support team and they help you through. Double your money offer here atm so a good time to get an order in !! website :

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