Things I Know….. only 100 Days Till Christmas


Ok before you yell out in horror about even daring to talk about the C word.. (and with C word I totally mean Christmas!) take a minute to read this post! I promise its not as scary as you think!

I’m linking up with Shae from Yay For Home’s Things I Know

I know that there are only 100 Days until Christmas and I’m in planning mode already! Well along with planning a 6th birthday and a combined 4th/3rd birthday in November!

I know that being a mother to 5 kids and having 4 birthdays within weeks of Christmas I have to be organised and I mean super organised!! For the past two years we have hosted Christmas at our place so I like to get organised early!

Last year I also started planning Christmas early, with a young baby, I didnt want to be venturing to the shops during the Mad December shopping rush, so I created a Christmas Planner. A folder which I put all my Christmas Ideas, pictures I found in magazines, my Christmas Card List, and presents list. Already I have shared with you how I have organised our Christmas Layby’s which you can read all about here.

I know that there are many great websites where you can download Christmas Planners to print off, or you could even create your own. Last year I downloaded the planner from Christmas Organised.

Some of my favourite printables that I used last year were:

Christmas Countdown Checklists

Christmas Planner Pages

So from now until Christmas, on every Friday (seperate post from Things I Know…) I’m going to be sharing some of my Christmas Traditions, Crafts, Menu Planning, Decorations and much much more with you.

One thing I do know… I’m so excited about Christmas, I love the excitement it brings my children, teaching them the true meaning of Christmas while also getting to enjoy their childhood and all those traditions that come with that!


  1. I love Christmas too! Can’t wait to see what Christmas stuff you are going to share, DD2 and I were only talking about how many days there were yesterday. I guessed 100 but didn’t really expect to be so close to the mark!
    Rhianna recently posted..Things I knowMy Profile

    • Good guess Rhianna!! We love this time of year, I would start decorating now if I could, but we do it all after our eldest bday in late november!

  2. Sounds good, maybe I’ll be a bit more organised this year!! I’ll be following for sure…
    Marilyn @ Live First Write Later recently posted..When the bottom drops out of her world againMy Profile

  3. Oh I wish I could be so organised! I seriously can only approach one occassion at a time. My son’s 5th birthday is in November, then my mum’s THEN I will think about Christmas (In a blind panic as usual). Looking forward to seeing your posts – they may inspire me to be more organised!
    Nee Say recently posted..I know Kegels keep it realMy Profile

    • I hope I can inspire you Nee! My eldest son’s birthday is in November as well, so we have his party to do and our twins b’day is only a few days before Christmas!

  4. I am already planning for Christmas too! I have obviously been pinning many of my ideas to my Christmas board but I have also been looking for other ways to get organised so thanks for the links!

    Best wishes.
    Natasha @ 5 Minutes Just for Me recently posted..Pinning & Singing on the Weekend Linky Party ~ Autumn!My Profile

  5. What ??? Only 100 days ? Oh my ! If it wasn’t for the fact you posted those Christmas planners, I’d be truly panicking :) Thanks for sharing !
    Grace recently posted..Things I KnowMy Profile

    • No need to panic! Its all smooth sailing here with lots of time to get ourselves all organised! and blog it all too!! LOL Thanks for following along Grace :)

  6. Only 100 days left!
    How fast has this year gone.
    Looking forward to your weekly Christmas posts. xx
    Me ‘N my Monkeys recently posted..Things I know….My Profile

  7. 100 days! Are you serious?! I better get my sh*t together.

    We have no idea what we are doing for chrissy this year. No one has stuck there hand up to say they are having it and we don’t want to as like you we have done it for the past two years…

    Will defiantly be following along with you!
    Amy @ MahliMoo recently posted..R U OK? I’m not…My Profile

  8. We use the Toy Sales in June/July to buy for lufflump (and now sesame) for Christmas and birthdays. It makes it so much easier and then we only have our parents, SIL and grandparents to buy for.

    I love Christmas too and will be looking forward to your posts! Now I’m off to go check out those checklists :)
    Tutu Ames recently posted..Are You Really Okay?My Profile

    • We did that too Ames, it was so great to be able to budget easier then, we only have parents/grandparents and siblings to go as well but I think I know what to get for each of them so its pretty sorted!

  9. What I love about today is that I can start talking about Christmas on my blog and all the haters can’t complain ;)
    Tina ~ Tina Gray {dot} Me recently posted..100 daysMy Profile

  10. Can’t believe how fast this year has passed.
    Kat – the organised housewife recently posted..{Free Printable} School Holiday PlannerMy Profile

  11. I am always super organised for Christams. Like you, I have my folder where I keep my Xmas card list, gift ideas, recipes etc. It is so satisfying to reach December and know you won’t be stressed out be leaving everything to the last minute!
    Skyelee recently posted..Things I Know – Fed up FridayMy Profile

  12. Miss 9 has already started talking about Christmas presents and I haven’t even started to think about my hubby’s present for his birthday next month! Eeeek! Trying not to panic here.
    Norlin recently posted..R U Ok? Not Just for Adults – Kids are Important TooMy Profile

  13. I’m so excited about Christmas looking forward to reading your posts and writing my own!
    Kate @ Puddles and Gumboots recently posted..10 Ways To Find Local Free Kids Activity Classes For the School HolidaysMy Profile

  14. Ohh my. Normally I love Christmas, too but this year I fear we will still be squished in my mum’s house with no room for decorations or for having people over. Completely stressing out.
    Becky from recently posted..R U OK?My Profile

    • Ooh no! Dont stress out, even in smaller houses there are still a lot of things you can do to make Christmas memorable! I promise I have some great ideas for you!

  15. I so need to get myself organised. I have 5 birthdays before Christmas comes up and need to work a plan. Thanks for the great links. N x
    Naomi Ellis recently posted..a heart that hurtsMy Profile

  16. Kirsty, I’m looking forward to your posts.
    I know how you feel about the super organised bit – we have a birthday in October, one in November, me in December, our wedding anniversary in December and, of course, Christmas! Which requires me to buy for 14 nieces and nephews! Aarrgghh!
    Kellie @ Three Li’l Princesses recently posted..How to keep guests happy at a one-year-old’s princess party – birthday food ideasMy Profile

    • Wow Kellie! You sound as busy as we are so close to Christmas! We have our anniversary in November but I’m leaving that up to hubby this year, which is a little scary! He better remember to do something nice!!

  17. So glad I am not the only one already thinking about christmas! I will be following closely!!!
    Larissa~My Pigeon Pair recently posted..Finding the RIGHT school ~ What to ask when choosing a school for YOUR child.My Profile

  18. I totally love Christmas, and I love to be organised for it. This year is going to prove to be a bit of a challenge though because we are moving house 2 weeks before Christmas (and 1 week before a 7th birthday). Do you have any printables for combining house moving, birthdays, and Christmas???
    Jo @countrylifeexperiment recently posted..I am a winner!!!!My Profile

    • Wow what a busy few weeks you will have there Jo!! Leave it with me and I’m sure I can get some printables made up for you to help with it all!

  19. Oh you are organised, good on you. I look forward to seeing your posts on it every week.
    nellbe recently posted..Things I KnowMy Profile

  20. so lovely to hear your excitement :) You truly know the year has flown by when christmas is looming close by :)
    tahlia – the parenting files recently posted..i know we all need to take some time outMy Profile

  21. YAY!!! I love love love christmas :D
    Shae recently posted..Things I KnowMy Profile

  22. The terror! I don’t even know if we are hosting or not this year. It will probably be decided on the 15th of December. Thanks for the motivation!
    Lee recently posted..Things I know – the beach, coffee and babycino’sMy Profile

    • Ooh I hope that doesnt make it too stressful for you! I dont know what I would do if I didnt know where it was going to be hosted at least a month before hand! good luck!

  23. Oh I LOVE these links!! I am in super organised mode! LOVE THEM!

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