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This is what I know this week in regards to Christmas…. 93 Days today and Counting!

As you know, myself and Tina from Tina Gray{dot) me are doing weekly blog posts about 100 Days to Christmas, so be sure to check out our blog posts from last week. Mine is here and Tina’s is here

This week I’m talking all about Traditions, in the Mummy To Five household we have a few traditions that we do each year which I want to share with you! Hopefully it will inspire you!

1. We normally put our Christmas Tree up on the eve of December 1st, so that when our children wake up in the morning they are greeted with the big Christmas Tree all set up and looking beautiful and also it means the arrival of our visitor…

I know that this year… our tree might go up a little earlier than normal, cause I have it on good authority that our visitor might be coming early. But you didnt hear that from me!

2. See up there… at the top of the tree?? Thats our visitor. He’s name is Buddy Bear and he’s an elf! Buddy Bear came to stay with us for the first time last year after making the long long journey from the North Pole. He spends his days watching over our children and making sure that they are not being naughty, and then each night flies back to the North Pole and checks in with Santa and tells him about their behaviour that day. If the kids have been good, they might find a special present under the tree the next day, if they are bad sometimes Buddy Bear might not be there in the morning. The children are never allowed to touch Buddy Bear or play with him or he will lose his Christmas magic. Master 5 as already written his letter to Santa asking if Buddy Bear can come back to visit us again this year. We are still awaiting Santa’s reply!

I know that you can put in a request to Santa for your very own Elf to come to visit you here at Elf On The Shelf.

3. I know that this year, is going to be the second year in a row that we have done personalised Christmas Cards. We got lots of positive comments about how amazing it was to open up their Christmas Card to see our gorgeous little darlings on the front!

This is our card from last year:

I know that this year, I’m going to have to top it!! Although I’m hoping that this year Master N doesn’t have a black eye and Miss M doesnt have a cast on her leg… Can you see those in the photo… I was going to Photoshop them out but Hubby said to leave it, as it’s keeping it real!! Most people didn’t notice at first! LOL

4. Last year our children were very good, everyday that they were very lucky to get small presents from Buddy Bear during the lead up to Christmas. On his arrival from the North Pole, he brought each of them a new pair of Summer PJ’s, he also brought them things like The Santa Claus Trilogy, some Santa chocolates, even personalised Gingerbread Men and new Christmas DVD’s.

This year I know that Buddy Bear has planned to again bring the children new Summer PJ’s, some new Christmas books and some new Christmas DVD’s and probably gingerbread men again. He’s also bringing them a small present every single day (hint, its the kids own books, all wrapped up and put under the tree!!)

I know that this Mummy is going to “hint” to Buddy Bear that the kids would love to experience a North Pole Breakfast like Super the Elf did for Jessica of Little Pumpkin Grace‘s children on one December morning.

I just know that my children would LOVE that!! So thankyou to Super the Elf for the great idea!!

5. Another tradition that we have only started in the past two years is having our photo taken with Santa. The first year, was eventful! Miss M did NOT like the idea of sitting on Santa’s knee! So Daddy had to get in there with them all and have his piccy taken too!

I know that last year’s photo was so much better! At least I have 4 out of 5 children looking at the camera! This year’s photo should be interesting as well!

I know that I loved receiving all  comments and emails about last weeks post, that I’m thinking of making a more Christmas designed planner to make planning Christmas more exciting! If your interested please let me know in the comments!

I know that this week, Tina is blogging about how to have a Stress Free Christmas! Be sure to check it out!

So what are some of the Christmas Traditions that you and your family have? I would love to hear them!

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  1. What gorgeous traditions! I love the personalised cards i wonder if my boys would co-operate hehe
    Youve inspired me to blog about our chrissy traditions & inspired me to think about some new ones
    Including that breakfast! How awesome is that!
    Thanks for the inspiration hun

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  3. I can’t get my kids to look at me all at the same time, i attempted making Christmas cards last year but it didn’t happen because i just couldn’t get ‘The right’ photo.

    What a wonderful tradition you and your family have.
    How cute is buddy bear.
    off to take a peek at the site. Thank you for sharing! xx
    Me ‘N my Monkeys recently posted..Things i know….My Profile

    • I’ve been known to photoshop heads around if not all my kids are looking in the same direction! I’m hoping this year I wont have to!!
      We love our Elf tradition!

  4. I love these traditions! We put our tree up on Dec 1 as well but if I can’t wait any more, we might put it up a little earlier. Love the little Elf!
    Tina ~ Tina Gray {dot} Me recently posted..Things I Know – the stress-free Christmas versionMy Profile

    • I can see our going up the weekend after our wedding anniversary which is Nov 19th! Then its home sailing to Christmas, with only the twins birthday right before it!!!
      I was a bit of a smart-ar$e to hubby today and said if he didnt get into the mood (holiday mood) that I would put the tree up now! I wont repeat what he said to me!

  5. wow, I love the idea of elf on a shelf! I wonder if it would work with the big kids, too? I love your Christmas traditions!
    cate recently posted..100 days to Christmas | things I knowMy Profile

  6. Oh Christmas, I love Christmas, and I just love Christmas traditions. I make our Christmas cards every year. I think it’s really special doing that.

    We also have a tradition of going in to the city to see the myer windows with the kids grandparents every year. We always look forward to that!

  7. Love your traditions. We are going to do the Lego advent calendar this year and we always do new pjs Christmas eve. I love the elf breakfast idea too.
    Trish recently posted..Things I know – On the roadMy Profile

  8. This year we’re embracing new traditions…Christmas Day is now immediate family only. No more travelling all over the countryside! I can’t wait. Every year I bribe the children to have their picture taken with Santa, and I can usually get them to comply. Now that Seth’s getting older, I might have to up the stakes. lol. We put our tree up on the last Saturday in November. It takes so much effort, I want to enjoy it for as long as we can. For the rest of December, I sit there marvelling at the twinkling lights. We also walk the neighbourhood to view everyone’s light displays. Love it!
    LisaW recently posted..Things I know | the birthday editionMy Profile

    • Thats when we are putting our tree up too!! Cant wait to see yours all beautiful which I know it will be!!! this is a new neighborhood for us this year so cant wait to see what they all do!!

  9. lots of lovely traditions here!!!
    we usually put the tree up after our twins birthday (the 7th) but lately they have been requesting it be put up earlier so they can open their b’day pressies under it.
    We make xmas cards and choc balls for pressies.We have pancakes for brekkie xmas mornings.
    pixie recently posted..Things I know.part 9.My Profile

    • Aww thats so sweet! Our twins love that as well as their bday is the 20th December, so they love getting the first presents from under the tree!!
      I love the idea of choc balls for gifts! Will have to remember that, I make them but normally the family just eat them all!

  10. I LOVE the idea of Buddy Bear! That’s beautiful!! We put our tree up Dec 1 too – I insist!!
    Alyce recently posted..You Can Find Me Here…My Profile

  11. I am nuts about Christmas Traditions, I seem to add more each year. Your family traditions are gorgeous. Love the elf!

  12. We definitely do the tree Dec 1st. I love your christmas card pic – such a gorgeous bunch you have. I braved Santa pics last year but the boys look terrified. He was a bit of an intimidating santa!
    Nee Say recently posted..I know I WILL lose weightMy Profile

  13. noooo I’m not ready to think about Christmas…. tho I love your traditions. I Love the elf!
    katepickle recently posted..Things I Thought I Knew.My Profile

  14. Great traditions :) We get those Christmas Decorations with a little photo frame in it and pop a family photo on it and hang on the tree. Its lovely having a photo of each year on there.

    We have a few others like pancakes for breakfast, staying up past bedtime and checking out the Christmas Lights, … they are fun aren’t they?
    nellbe recently posted..Things I KnowMy Profile

    • I love that idea as well Nellbe, we did that with the last two years photos and we will probably do it again!
      Checking out the Christmas Lights is always fun!!

  15. Kirsty, they are lovely xmas traditions and you’ve put so much thought into it all. We don’t have too many ourselves, but we do put the tree up December 1 and we sing xmas carols each night before the kids go to bed. On xmas eve we do the obligatory sprinkling of oats on the grass for the reindeer and leave out something special for Santa. I really like the Buddy Bear idea, particularly as there are consequences for both good and bad behaviour for that period – I think we may get a visitor from the North Pole this year as well…
    Kirsty @ My Home Truths recently posted..Things I Know About Working on a FridayMy Profile

    • Thankyou Kirsty! I love the idea of singing carols before bed, so they are nodding off to sleep with them in their head! <3 We are going to do the sprinkling of reindeer food too and I think I'm going to make a special mix for Master 5, to give out to his friends on the last day!
      The Elf was great last year, the kids were so good and each morning he came back from the North Pole and was in a different spot so the kids loved looking for him! He liked to pull pranks on the kids as well! (a whole another blog post!)

  16. So lovely! I am starting to get more traditions going in our family!

    We do the tree on the 1st December.

    My kids have had their pic taken with Santa each year – its awesome to see them.

    Last year I signed them up to get those videos from Santa where he calls them by name and mentions the things they want – my daughters face was priceless when he said “Kiara…” – will definitely do that again.

    If I can organise myself in time I would love to do a personalised Christmas card!!
    Laura recently posted..Things I knowMy Profile

  17. As a kid we had some traditions but as we grew up and moved out of home, we lost these. I guess that’s when it became time for us to do our own. I’m ever more conscious of that now I have my own family.

    My toddler was 21 months last Christmas so more aware of it than the year before. She enjoyed the tree and sang Twinkle Twinkle as the kits sparkled. She also has her own Sesame Street decorations and I’d like to have her pick a new decoration every Christmas and then have bub do it when she’s older.

    I’d like to be sure we give something to a charity like the World Vision Smiles campaign where we buy a present for someone less advantaged. I want them involved in that too.

    The tree will go up the weekend closest to 1 Dec and maybe we’ll introduce carols each night too.

    We might look at a family photo as well for cards.

    This year I’m going to buy a small nativity set to introduce them to that side of Christmas too.

    I guess you’ve Given me inspiration to start planning early after all. 100 days may not actually be enough time!
    Veronica @ Mixed Gems recently posted..Grateful for my WorkMy Profile

  18. I LOVE Christmas!! A big part of it for me is building up the excitement for the kids and lots of extra special family time.

    We spend one evenin g in the lead up to Christmas visiting the CBD. We go and look at the beautiful Myer windows, the Crown Christmas spectacular and generally just wander around checking out all the gorgeous decorations.

    Christmas Eve is spent driving around visiting the local houses all decorated with lights while listening to the broadcast of the carols. Then we tuck the kidlets into bed and help Santa set out all the presents while watching the carols and drinking a glass of wine.

    Decorating the house and the tree, Christmas crafts with the kiddos, gathering presents for loved ones, baking fruit cakes, mince pies, shortbread….I LOVE Christmas!!!!

  19. Stumbled on Flogyoblog. I love Christmas traditions as I live in a country which celebrates it the longest. Christmas countdowns and airplay of Christmas songs start here as early as September 1!
    Supermac recently posted..Cocooning TodayMy Profile

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