Party Planning — Day 3 & 4


We are getting closer and closer to the UP Party in the Mummy To Five Household and we are slowly getting there in the party planning stages!

Here a follow on from Day 1 & 2

Day 3 — Wednesday is the day that we don’t have our nanny each week, and like karma we always seem to have lots more things planned/needed to do when she’s not here! Really need to re-evaluate that next week!! After dropping Master 5 at school, and doing the PMP program with them, I then met hubby at school with the other kids to then swap cars, for him to go to a (photo) shoot up the coast, while I took the other 4 kids to Spotlight again… What an adventure <insert sarcasm here!!

I was on the hunt for a wreath… for a surprise decoration that I’ll be sure to blog about next week, and I was able to finally find one, so I was happy… however then I needed to get some more balloons and this is where it went downhill!! Master 3 decided that he didnt want to sit in the trolley anymore, so he got out and wanted everything in the party section! From a cars pinata to wanting a bubble blowing machine (!!) and when I said NO, he decided that today would be the day he would test mummy’s patience while out in public! Surprisingly I didnt say anything, however insert the cue for Daddy to magically appear from his job that he had done, to take Master 3 and Miss 2, back to the car to watch Mister Maker!  (When I say magically, I mean that he called me and I begged him to come back and meet me here before going to his next appointment!!)

So after Spotlight, we all headed to the local Sara Lee outlet, which is about 10 mins from Spotlight and thats all it took for Harry to go to sleep! So while Daddy stayed out at the cars, and changed carseats from the cruiser to the wagon, I went in with Annabelle to get the birthday cake, carrot cake, and banana cake.

Daddy then took the twinnies with him, while I took Miss 2 and Master Harry home for a sleep!

While they were sleeping I started cleaning and making my to do list for the following day!

When Daddy got home with the twins, I then got my shopping list and while trying to sneak out of the house childless to do grocery shopping ended up taking the boys with me to Aldi and then Woolworths!

Its always a fun time shopping with my boys, and today was no different! The love to try and swing on the trolley as we walk down the aisle. Good times!

Day 4 —  After doing school PMP with Master 5, it was back home to spend most of the day at home to do cleaning and getting ready for Saturday. I got my menu plan all written out and ready for Saturday.

I did however make LCM Bar slice with my kids which I got the recipe from Liss at Frill In The Hills

Edited to add: This post was written last week however with all the planning of the party, I didnt get time to publish it!

I will be posting all about the party and my recipes from the party this week along with all photos!!


  1. Oh my goodness! I am sure I’m not the first to say this, and definitely not the last, but… I don’t know how you do it!!! Wow! Love the Patience quote/pic! Hilarious! Really gorgeous photos too. Who took the one of you in it? recently posted..The Secret To Everything In Life: Ask For What You WantMy Profile

  2. Whew! I don’t brave Spotlight with TWO let alone 4!
    AlyceB recently posted..Best Birthday Ever – Best Meal EverMy Profile

  3. what a great idea breaking it down into days :) Cant wait to see the finished product. Looks like you have heaps of stuff! Cant wait to get the recipe for those lcm bars! they look great!
    Lifeasmummymax recently posted..Masterh’s 1st birthday partyMy Profile

  4. Such cute photos! Sounds like you did well! Party organisation is so stressful!
    Kate @ Puddles and Gumboots recently posted..Introducing Solids Via Baby Led WeaningMy Profile

  5. I take my hat off to you for taking your kids shopping. I try to do it kid-free because it’s always painful! I saw your photos of the LCM bars on Instagram. I’m going to have to give them a try :)
    Tina ~ Tina Gray {dot} Me recently posted..10 Tips For Choosing The Best Fitting Glasses For Your ChildMy Profile

    • They are yummy… my only advice, try not to use the biggest tin you own… you will end up having to make a double batch, like I did! And when you finish pouring the marshmellow mix into the ricebubble mix, put boiling water into the bowl straight away otherwise it starts to go hard!

  6. My studies proved that shopping with kids takes approximately 3 hours more, than shopping alone. It fun though ;)
    Marlene recently posted..Netflix Scratched DVDsMy Profile

  7. Gosh you are so busy and achieve so much.
    hear you ‘on the swinging’ on the trolley as we walk down the aisle. Good times indeed till they tip it over (do other kids do this)
    Can’t wait to see your photos. The iphone ones are gorgeous here.

    I wish I had a Nanny !

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