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It’s party planning week here in the Mummy To Five household, with Master Harry having his birthday party this coming weekend.

As I spoke about here, we decided to go with an UP theme, as Harry is now Up and moving!! Original I know!!

Day 1 — Yesterday was the first day in the planning schedule for this week, hubby was still in Tasmania and wasn’t due back will mid afternoon, so I got all the kid up early, got them breakfast, and all dressed and out the door by 8am to take Dominic to school.

We then went back home, got my sister and all headed to Spotlight to get some decorations for the party! With Nicholas & Harry happily sitting in the trolley, and the girls walking we started to get our supplies!

We ordered a helium tank to have balloons for the party, streamers, balloons, cake decoration icing, cupcakes wrappers, candles and cake board!  We went home with all our goodies, to start collating them all on the table ready for decorating on Friday afternoon!

Last night I sat down and wrote out the menu plan for the day, and also all the ingredients that are in each dish, along with a shopping list of everything that I need to get, so when I do shopping on Thursday, I wont forget anything! (I hope!!)

So whats on the menu for that party, you ask??? You’ll just have to wait will next week when I blog it all, and the recipes and photos!!

Day 2– Today I had kitchen garden with Dominic at school so after being at school, I went to Crazy’s to get the rest of the supplies that I needed for the party, plates, bowls, serviettes etc

I also spent the afternoon creating Harry a birthday banner which I’ll have hanging for the party.

All I need to do now is laminate them all, and thread them on with string to then hang on the wall!

I’m thinking of offering this as a download if anyone is interested, let me know if you are!!

Whats your favourite part of planning a party??


  1. Ok, I know this sounds sooo mean of me but the best part about planning a party is just that for me – the planning. Usually the party never eventuates! Ok, they do, but I stopped having them last year as it got too complicated when it came to who to invite, what theme and where to have one. So we decided to have a family celebration instead. My best part on the family celebration is the cake. The kids or hubs get to choose the type of cake they want and I’ll try to make it. Last year Miss 7 requested me to make her some Coconut Ice instead. So I made one in a square shape and decorated the top with some candles. She loved it! :) Wonder what they’ll ask for this year!
    Norlin recently posted..Defending My Immune System and Combating CoughMy Profile

  2. Wow. I had no idea you could get all of that at Spotlight. I thought it was just a fabric shop! Might have to go check one out one day!

    Can’t wait to see the pics of the big day. :)
    Melissa recently posted..The Tuesday BluesMy Profile

  3. I LOVE the idea of Up as a theme!! So colourful, and happy, and of course you HAVE to have helium balloons! Oh gosh, Jonathan would go INSANE… hmm, you have me thinking about his 2nd in November…
    AlyceB recently posted..The Second-Worst Birthday EverMy Profile

  4. I think Harry is going to have a super party. You are so organised and creative. I can’t wait to see what you do.
    Trish recently posted..Wordless Wednesday ~ BounceMy Profile

  5. I think the Up theme you’ve chosen is great! So fun! My favourite part of planning a birthday party is making and decorating a special cake, to me, the cake is the highlight of the party :-)

  6. For me, its all about the cake! Once I have the cake design sorted out, the rest just falls into place. Sounds like your little one is going to have a fab birthday Kirsty! Can’t wait to see the rest.
    LisaW recently posted..Farmers Markets v. SupermarketsMy Profile

  7. I am yet to do the party thing with Little T, I am not terribly creative, so when the time comes, I think I’ll be searching blogland to find a few ideas. Hope Harry has an awesome day. x

  8. Oh his party sounds like it’ll be fantastic! I’m sure he’ll have a blast!
    I love the banner you made him! Very creative.
    Stopping by from FYBF
    Aly @ The Mummy Hat recently posted..When it rains, it pours down sewerageMy Profile

  9. It’s so much fun preparing for a party, looks like you’re doing an awesome job. And I love bunting!
    Mandy recently posted..Sydney City 2 Surf – Let’s get ready to rumble!My Profile

  10. Looks like it will be a wonderful day! My first attempt at a theme party was for my little girls 2nd last year. It was Sesame street, managed to find a heap of cheap themed stuff online, created themed food etc. I had a ball coming up with the ideas, and Miss 2 couldn’t believe her eyes at the giant Sesame street characters on the wall!
    Skyelee recently posted..Nag,Nag,NagMy Profile

  11. Thanks for sharing your ideas. I always trawl blogland and google to crash test birthday cake ideas and came across a great Miffy cake once. CrashBoy would love the balloons, it might be a good theme for his 2nd birthday soon.
    Laney @ Crash Test Mummy recently posted..{ Condition Report } Exercise – relief or torture?My Profile

    • The best thing is its so easy to do! Be sure to check back next week when I blog everything that I did and links to how to do it! Have a great weekend!

  12. Harry is in for an awesome party :) I like planning the cake and the theme… from there it all becomes a hassle!
    Missy Boo recently posted..Dramatic DramaMy Profile

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