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Its the final part on my Disney UP Style Party series that I have been blogging on my blog. You can read the first and second posts here.

Now your probably wondering why I didn’t post this last week! Its not that I forgot about it, no, as I’m posting photos of my guests I wanted to make sure they were all ok with having pictures of themselves on my blog! So they are all good, so here we go!

Also besides getting permission for photos, I also had to go and recreate my Happy Birthday Banner again! You know this one…

This banner I created myself and we had up on the wall in our dining area, which is right off the doors to the backyard!

Now no party can get decorated and catered for without the help of some amazing helpers that I had, so tonights post I wanted to take a chance to thank them for all their help in making this party the success it was!

Tanya is amazing, she told me organised for her daughter K, to look after all of the kids (actually only the twinnies and Miss Annabelle) as Dominic wanted to stay here and Harry was having a sleep! So that we could get all the organising/set up done without children in the way!

Tanya (along with hubby!) blew up all the balloons that were on display at the party, as well as hang the banner, got all the outside tables ready and helped take out food, she was a godsend!!

Myself and my gorgeous friend Tanya

So to Tanya, thankyou my dear sweet friend, I’m so glad that our sons are in the same class, and that we have the same taste in clothes! Love ya xx 

Then there is my other new school mummy friend Kim, she’ll be the first to say she didn’t do anything to help with the party, but thats bollocks love! See this amazingly huge gazebo….

Yep that’s hers! And she let us borrow it for the party! Hello, so cool!! Plus Kim has chooks at her place, so she also gave me two dozen eggs to use. Which we big when making breakfast of bacon and eggs the following morning!

My gorgeous friend Kim and myself

So to Kim, (who doesnt know I have written this) thankyou my sweet sweet friend who I know I can always count on!! I’m so glad our boys are in the same class, Master C and yourself  are just another addition to our family, we love ya both xx

To my beautiful best friend, who came all the way up from Brisbane with her family, we love you guys xxx

To our family friends who were able to come, even though she’s due to have a baby soon, we love you guys xx

To our amazing old next door neighbour and her children, who we invite to all our parties and she normally cant make it, it was so freaking awesome to see you again!! We have missed you!

To my Poppy who made the three hour trip to come, thankyou xx

To my cousins who were able to make it for the party at such short notice, we love seeing you all. xxx

To my sister-in-laws and brother in law who were both able to come and share the day with us, thankyou guys xx

Of course I cant forget my Mum, who drove 3 hours to come to the party, and make her famous eggs!

My Mummy!

Words cant express how much I love you Mum, you already knew that though! xxx

Thankyou also to my beautiful children, who were all so well behaved at the party!

Mummy and Daddy love you so so much!! 


The Mummy To Five Bunch

And of course the last person to thank for helping make this day a success, is my husband Stuart (aka Daddy To Five!)

From helping with the balloons, to putting the gazebo’s up, getting the esky ready…. and for promising to bring me a drink each time I asked for one… and then only remembering to make me one… the whole day, thanks babe, you know I love you!

And last but not least, I want to thank… YOU, all the readers who have stopped by my blog this past week and left comments on the party or shared it on Facebook, you dont know how much that means to me!
As a way of saying thanks to you all, I wanted to share with you the Happy Birthday Banner that I created for the party (pic at start of post, but posted below so you dont have to scroll back up!) I hope that you like it and be sure to email me if you use it for your next party!

Happy Birthday Banner

I hope you enjoyed reading my party posts and sharing in the celebration with my family! You can see all my party planning posts by clicking on the Party Planning section up the top of my blog.


  1. This is a totally awesome thank you post. Love it lady. I think you just about covered everyone and they all love you because you are so kind and thankful for them in your life. So glad the party went well. Love your cherubs. N x
    Naomi Ellis recently posted..Cherish your Cherubs Project: RECORD your childrens lifeMy Profile

    • Thanks sweetie!! I’m still working on my CYC post, the graphics that I’m doing are nearly finished! its a tomorrow post for sure now!

  2. AWW Kirsty , your posts always make me smile. You are such a lovely person who wouldn’t run to help you anytime !!!
    Trish recently posted..10 ways to stress less while your husband is having an MRIMy Profile

  3. Such a lovely post, it’s great that you have such great friends and family. The banner looks lovely
    Kate @ Puddles and Gumboots recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – Raaah!!!My Profile

  4. Looks like a fun party! Must have taken forever to blow up all of those balloons! But what a great affect!

    Thanks for joining in at ‘DIY parties’!

  5. Looks like everyone had fun out there. It always nice to see something that may seem as nothing special but it is. A happy family is always something special and hearth warming for me.
    Marlene recently posted..Online Speech Pathology ProgramsMy Profile

  6. You are an amazing friend to find and when you find a friend like you, you will do anything for them! Blowing up balloons and arranging them around your place and serving food was the least I could do!! I had a wonderful time at Harry’s Birthday and meeting more great people.. Love you too my very dear friend and looking forward to spending many more wonderful birthday party’s for all your mob and mine as well.. I know who I’ll be calling on for future birthday party planning ideas.. ;0) xxxxxxx

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