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Now that all the decorations have been shared from the Disney UP Party of the year, just this past weekend I wanted to share with you all the food that I prepared for it!

You can read all about the decorations that I did in yesterdays post

We are known in the Mummy To Five Household (and extended family) for four things…. Our quiche, nuts and bolts, devilled eggs and the latest addition… layered dip!

At the end of this post you will see a collection of recipe cards to go as a set for these 4 recipes!

First up is my Mum’s famous devilled eggs. EVERY time that we have a party/bbq/ get together of more than 3 families, Mum is expected to make her eggs!

So when I first got up in the morning of the party, I got the eggs out and put them on the bench. I have always found that if you boil eggs from room temperature they dont crack as easily! I put the eggs into the pot first then added water next.

So while they happily boiled away in their pot, the kids and I got to making cupcakes! Now when one child wants to help, they all want to help! So after dragging 4 of our dining chairs over to the kitchen bench we got to making cupcakes!

Here are twinnies helping me make cupcakes… You will notice that Annabelle is pushing a chair over to start helping… Well not even 5 minutes after this photo was taken, this happened…..

Yes that blue… food dye… all over my hands!!!

It seems that when you allow your two year old daughter help she likes to tip the blue food dye all over the (white) kitchen bench, over the white tiles and up the white fridge!!! So cupcake making got put on hold while I quickly cleaned up the mess!!

After the “blue” incident, we got back to making our rainbow cupcakes for the party. I cheated this time around and got the Betty Crocker White Cupcake mix which I make following the instructions, then divided it into 4 bowls and coloured the mixtures, pink, yellow, green and blue. I then just layered them into the cupcake patties, colour by colour!

After rainbow cupcakes I quickly made chocolate cupcakes as well, they weren’t as exciting for the kids to watch!

Daddy then took the twinnies and AB over to our friends place where her daughter was going to watch them while we finished getting organised! So much easier with them not there!! This was also before all the balloons were blown up, so they were so surprised to see them when they got home!!

By this time, the eggs were done and Mum had arrived all the way from Dalby… just to make my eggs! I’m just kidding!! LOL

So after making Mum a coffee, she got to work making the eggs!

All the eggs crushed up, we do a dozen paprika eggs and also a dozen curry eggs.

Mum also brought along her Nuts and Bolts which she had make while still at home!

Our new family favourite that we serve at all parties now is our layered dip which I made a double batch of cause it was so popular!

Along with our nuts and bolts and layered dip, I also did other nibblies like peanuts, rice crackers, carrots, celery and chips!

I went with a whole blue and green theme for my plates/bowls/cups/serviettes for the party!

And of course I served lollies…. but the kids eat them too fast for me to get a photo of them!!!

The only other sweet thing I served was…. THE CAKE!!! LOL

Naturally I wanted the cake to have a UP theme still, so without making balloon cakes myself, I created slightly and got a Sara Lee slab mud cake and decorated it myself!

I made the balloons out of M & M’s!

We even had a signature bear in Blue for our guests to sign as a memory keeper for Harry!

Can I just say…. Harry loved his first try of cake!!

Here are the recipe cards I promised!! I created them myself, so I hope you like them!! Be sure to let me know if you use the recipes for your next party!

Devilled Eggs Recipe Card — Download HERE

Layered Dip Recipe Card — Download HERE

Quiche Recipe — Download HERE

Nuts and Bolts Recipe Card — Download HERE

Please let me know if you download and use our recipes! I love to share them and hope you enjoy making them!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for my final part of my party series!

I have one more party inspired download for you!


  1. Your recipe cards look very pretty! I love how you’ve made them. Making the balloon decorations for the cake out of smarties looks lovely. You did a great job with the party :-)
    Kate @ Puddles and Gumboots recently posted..Baby and Toddler Play – Plastic ContainersMy Profile

    • Thanks Kate! I’m so glad you liked them!!
      When not blogging, cooking or party planning, I love to scrapbook! I do all mine digitally! Its a blog post in the making!!

  2. Ooh, devilled eggs are a fav here too and I am definitely going to try your layered dip. Sounds yum! Love the photos! Is there anything cuter than a baby with birthday cake smooshed all over his face?!
    Tina ~ Tina Gray {dot} Me recently posted..So I’ve been thinking about BlogHer’12My Profile

    • You will LOVE the layered dip!! Its so morish and you just want to eat and eat it!!
      It was his first try of cake and at first he just looked at it and was like “what is THAT!”

  3. I love those cupcakes!! To the PinMobile!!
    AlyceB recently posted..Things I Know: The Solo Parent EditionMy Profile

  4. That is one happy birthday boy! x

    • He certainly was! At first he was really shy cause he wasnt sure of having so many people here, but he quickly got over it!!

  5. Yum, the food looks delicious, and again, I just love your photo’s. Layered Mexican dip is a favourite of ours too!
    Kat – The Organised Housewife recently posted..{Giveaway} Jewellery organiserMy Profile

  6. Thank you so much for sharing your recipe cards!! I’m itching to make the nuts and bolts and that layered dip is such a clever idea!! Love reading new recipe ideas, especially for parties. :)
    Norlin recently posted..Can Happy Music and Books Encourage Your Child to Eat Healthily?My Profile

  7. Was just writing up a post for tomorrow on party food ideas for Baby Holly’s party and thought I’d do a quick Google search to see what else was out there for a bit more inspiration. Guess where I landed!! LOL!!
    Love your recipes. It’s been a long time since I’ve had Nuts and Bolts. They’re a fave of The Bloke in The Sheds!
    Kellie @ Three Li’l Princesses recently posted..It’s my party and I’ll create a free downloadable princess birthday invitation if I want toMy Profile

    • Ooh thats funny! I was going to link you to the party when I commented on your post but I was on my iphone!!
      Nuts and Bolts is a huge favourite in our house too!! Already on the list for the next party!!

  8. Your Nuts and Bolts Recipe Card sounds great and interesting. This reminds me of my cousin’s birthday party wherein he prepared mini cupcakes with a lot of nuts– it is her favorite food.

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