Thankful Thursday — Target Edition


I’m blogging along with Kate from KateSaysStuff for Thankful Thursday

Being a mother of five children I have to be super duper organised especially when Christmas time comes around!

We also have 7 birthdays in the later part of the year, starting off with hubby’s, then our eldest nephew is 10 at the end of July, then our youngest son is turning 1 in August, our youngest nephew is 6 at the end of August, a little break before our eldest is 6 in November and then the twins are on the 20th December, then Christmas Day and then 4 days later is youngest daughters birthday!

So you can imagine that when toy sales start in July, I try and get organised, very organised!!!

So this year I decided to do my organising a little different and I created my own little Christmas planner.

Cover of book and Target Toy Catalogue

My Christmas Planner

What I did was created the following sections :-

Blue — Layby Dockets: So that I can have them all in one place and not lose any!

Blue — Boys Toys: All three boys are all in there so I can see at a glance what we have gotten them

Pink — Girls Toys: Ditto for the girls! See Above!

Green — Presents for Family: With 9 other family members to buy presents for, having them all in one handy spot makes it easier to see what we have gotten them

Purple — Presents that Family are getting my children: My family knows me, and knows that I like to organise what my children get from people so they always tell me in advance, so that I can make sure we arnt getting the same!

My coloured sections

This year I decided to do it a little different though!! I have been super duper blessed to have won an amazing Lego pack from the awesome of awesome blogger ladies Mrs Woog back in April so Dominic’s big present is sorted!

I didn’t get the time to shop at either the Big W or KMart toy sales, but my kids had a great time circling everything in the catalogue!

Today though the Target Toy Sale started, and I was determined to finally get organised!

I did school drop off and was able to get to Target just after 9am, and surprisely it wasnt overly crowded….YET!

The main thing that I wanted to get onto layby where these little babies,

and when I wasn’t able to put them in on the early bird layby, I was worried that when I got there they wouldnt be any left!

Thankfully I was able to get 4 and with a saving of $60 each I have just saved myself $240 dollars on those babies alone!

I also got the boys Cars 2 things, the girls are getting new Baby Alive Dolls (and prams) Little People sets and a couple of board games.

So today I’m thankful to Target, to the staff for being super duper organised, helping me find things when my eyes certainly weren’t looking in the right place and for getting through the layby line quickly! I was only waiting 5 minutes at most! That’s a new record!!

Another Christmas organised… to work out what to get them for their birthdays!!


  1. Love your organisation!! I still need to get myself down to Target, been too scared in the first days lol!

    Thanks for linking up :D
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