February 3, 2016
by mummytofive

The one where I update you all…

So its been a while, I’m surprised I still have daily viewers to this little ole blog here!

She’s certainly been neglected this past year or so! I really considered closing it down and giving up on this part of my life, however I have a lot of memories here and have met and maintained some beautiful friendships along the way, so she’s here to stay! I can’t say that I’m going to be back blogging as regularly as I used to be, however I will aim to be on here at least 1-2 a week! Sounds fair?! Will you stick around then!

So this was the year that our baby started school! Its been a slow adjustment period of our youngest babe, as he’s struggling with the idea of a new teacher as the teacher (and all his older siblings had) he really wanted finished up at the end of last year, and he was so sad! He still thinks she will come back to teach him! Bless him! We still have tears of a morning, but he’s happy to go at least!! And always has a blast when he’s there!


The eldest is in Year 5 now, Twins in Year 3 and Miss AB in Year 2! Its hard to believe that all the kids are at school now but I’m certainly loving having some time freedom to be able to do all the things I need/want to get done during the day!

Another reason I’ve been neglectful of little ole blog here, is that in Feb last year hubby and I started a little business! It’s been an incredible journey starting this and getting it up off the ground, we have a wonderful team growing with us now and are continuing to grow quickly, as we are bringing an amazing product to the market which is going to change the way people look at their health!  Its starting to gain attention with the medical community and also families and people who want to be healthier in their every day lives.

I’m excited about this and looking forward to sharing more here over the coming months! Feel free to message me if you wanna know more now though! ;)

For me personally, I’ve been on a journey of self growth, really learning to step outside of my comfort zone and do new things I’ve not tried before! Hubby is still doing the FIFO lifestyle which is never fun when the kids want to hang out with their Daddy on a weekend! But we still make it work for us, its a short term, goal and we are have plans to have him home this year finally!

One of those things that was a huge thing for our family was a lifelong dream which finally came true and that was a family trip to America in October last year! If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook friends, you would have seen all the adventures we got up to while we were over there! The main reason for the trip for was for a work conference, but we got to go with a group of our team and it was an incredible week in Phoenix, Arizona! My kids fell in love with it there, and wanted to move there!!! Its certainly a wonderful place and we can not wait for the chance to go back there again!


Here is all of us at our conference with one of our incredible leaders and mentors Maria. She graciously opened her home along with her husband and son, and we were able to stay with her for the week we were in Phoenix, my kids came to love her so very much and created a special bond which now extends to Skype calls with her when we are free!


This was also the first year that I didn’t do Christmas Cards! Which was so unlike me, but this photo certainly went down well with family and friends on Facebook!

Thats all for now, but I look forward to reconnecting with old readers and meeting new ones! Be sure to drop me a message to say Hi!

If there are things you would like to see here again, be sure to drop me a message!

September 15, 2014
by mummytofive

2014 – 100 Days to Christmas

It’s coming up to my favourite time of the season – Christmas!!!


My sister and I always laugh when we get to this time of the year as she takes such a different approach to Christmas than I do! Her favourite word of the season “Bah Humbug!”

For me, this is the best time of year, we are coming into the warmer months, and it’s also the start of Birthday season for us! We have a birthday in November and 3 birthdays in December!! Very exciting times!
We are currently in our last week of Term 3 then about to start 2 weeks School holidays! I see some Christmas planning in our future!!

I’ve done the 100 Days to Christmas in the past and I’m looking forward to sharing some ideas with you again.

Being a busy mother of 5 children, I have to be super organised when it comes to events like Christmas and Birthdays, so each week I’ll be back sharing ideas, links and websites which I have found to be the best in helping me stay organised during this busy Christmas period!

I hope you’ll enjoy the ride with me!

May 24, 2014
by mummytofive

Scrapping with Like A Boss and Monsterful

Since hubby went back to work on Wednesday morning at oh dark hundred (aka 4am!) I’ve been spending my evenings catching up on some scrapbooking!

This week Traci was collaborating with fellow CT member Amanda (who is also an awesome designer!) to create an awesome girl power kit  called Like A Boss. When I first got to see this kit, I was in love with the bright colour palette and its jam packed full of elements! The kit includes 16 patterned and 7 solid digital scrapbooking papers, 1 complete digital scrapbooking alpha on individual and full sheet .png files and more than 60 unique embellishments! 4a205182cd036f51ab440157fbf7bbd1Along with the kit the girls also created a journal cards pack

00c4a421fb1efe747370776fcbfb67ccHere is my layout using this kit and I love how its turned out!

HearMeRoar-copyThe other kit that I had the chance to work with this week was another collaboration kit this time with two amazing Sweet Shoppe Designers – Studio Flergs and Brook Magee! Called Monsterful -  Its so bright and colourful and with such a fun and playful theme! In this kit you get 26 papers, 3 rubbery alphas and over 70 elements! including: Cute monsters (in 2 styles), banners, buttons, assorted flowers, frames, hearts, paint, splats, stars, tape, wordy bits, bottle caps, journal cards, puffy pinned monsters, peek-a-boo monsters, trim & more!

8d65d287e2ba49091610bc09b28ad9e2The best thing about any Studio Flergs kit is that it is jam packed full of alpha, scatters, journal cards and a full kit! You save money when you buy it as a collection!

14cf82a0b5465fb7cbd0bccd9aa0d5f5At first I wasn’t sure what to do with this kit, as normally this isn’t a theme I would scrap with, but I do love how my layout came out with using this kit!

LoveMy5Monsters-copyBe sure to head on over to Studio Flergs’ Blog as she has a gorgeous little coordinating Monsterful FREEBIE!


Also if you spend $10 at Sweet Shoppe Designs this week, you get Studio Flergs gorgeous kit Love Letters FREE!

So that’s its for my layouts this week, I’m working on the new Peppermint Creative gorgeous May Collection, cant wait to share those layout with you all!

Happy Saturday!!

May 13, 2014
by mummytofive

Finding the balance

Its been a while since I’ve been on here, heck even I know its been too long when I once again forget the password to log in here!

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been getting reminder emails from my hosting company to let me know that my renewal for my domain was coming up to expire. I’ve been going back and forth in my head if I wanted to register it for another year and today with 19 hours to go, I finally decided that I just wasn’t ready to let this little piece of me go!

I know I’m hardly on here, but I’m still getting emails from readers and also notifications that people are visiting and downloading the things that I have here for download and it made me realise that I need to find the balance, between my blogging (which I have always loved), my scrapbooking (which these past few weeks have taken a back seat to life), home life, me time and also the kids social lives!



These past few months we have been trying to find a working balance between all of these things, and I think we finally are getting somewhere…

But it took a moment of breakdown to make me realise it! It made me realise that I need to change just a few things in our day to day lives to make sure that we have smoother sailing from here on out!


Recently at my sisters place, one of my darling children spilt her red icy pole on my sisters BRAND NEW carpet!! You could imagine the meltdown that happened after I had been telling her and reminding her since she got it, to stay on the wooden floor boards, and away from the carpet. A quick turn of my back to put the youngest rubbish in the bin, resulted in her flicking it out of the wrapper, and dropping it on the carpet!

Now in normal circumstances this would be a easy solved drama, a quick scrub of the carpet. However even though I was able to get out the stain (thankyou God!) lots of factors had me getting overly cranky with her and packing all the children up to leave. Sometimes its easier to just stay at home and not go out, however this night was a early celebration for Mothers Day, so we ventured out past our bedtimes!

That night made me realise that we are still not ready to have late nights (past 8pm) out as a family and also we don’t do well family outings at night without Daddy home!

Thankfully he’s home tomorrow morning (YAY!!!) and this Mumma can get a little bit of a reprieve from it all!

So this little blog is here to stay, I have so much of my Project Life to photograph and blog, we are currently up to Week 20! I’ve blogged Week 1! Behind much?! I have finished all the way to week 13, so I only have a few weeks to catch up on, and I’m hoping to have a weekend scrapping night with some girlfriends soon to play catch up!!

My wonderful designers who I’m on teams for have been creating some amazing goodies, so I’ll be back to show off my layouts using them as well soon!

Plus I have my car hunting adventures to share, so they are coming as well!

This year is also our school’s Funfest, and I’m one of the Year 1 Co-ordinators of the Cake Stall, so I’ll be sharing some of the awesome plans that we have planned!!

Until next time, I’m off to coffee with a friend before the kids get home from school!


January 8, 2014
by mummytofive

Project Life 2014 – Week 1

I’m so excited to have completed my first week of Project Life for 2014

I decided to use Traci Reed’s January Pocket Life Collection again like I did for my cover page, as there was still so much in the collection I hadn’t had the chance to use yet, and this week’s photos gave me the perfect opportunity to use this kit again.  I took over 50 photos on my phone alone this week and all these photos are from my phone, except the 4 generation photo which was taken on my Mum’s birthday which was taken with my big camera.

Considering we are on school holidays still here, we are always trying to keep the kids occupied and doing at least something exciting and fun each day! As you can tell, I’m not light on my photos and normally my layouts are going to be photo heavy with journaling wherever I can fit it in!

The best thing about doing my Project Life digitally is that there are so many styles of templates out there, my favourite being both Traci’s Slip Ins found in her store here or Peppermint Creative’s found in her store here.

Here is the left sideWeek1-Left-copyand the right sideWeek1-Right-copyAnd both side by side togetherWeek1-LR

You will be able to see all my layouts on my blog by clicking on this page — PROJECT LIFE 2014

Whew, so glad that I’m not behind, the first week I find is always the hardest and yet the most exciting to see completed!! I cant wait to see how my album progresses over the year!



January 6, 2014
by mummytofive

Project Life 2014 – Cover

This is not a new concept of scrapbooking, its been around for a few years now however this is the first year that I’m tackling it from the start of the year!

Project Life was started by Becky Higgins and if your interested you can learn more about the concept here

I started doing my 2013 album in around September of last year, and have gotten about 6 weeks done. I’m going to still be tackling this project this year along side my 2014 Album!

This year I’m going to be doing my album as a digital scrapbook, creating them as a 12×12 layout in Photoshop each week. I’m aiming to do a weekly 2 page spread which I’ll then share here. However their might be some weeks that I don’t take a lot of photos, so then I’ll just make it a one page spread and maybe add in a 12×12 layout digital scrapbook layout that I’ve done for that week, how knows! I’m not making a lot of rules for myself when I’m doing my album this year, otherwise I know I’ll get too focused on creating the layouts, that I’ll not actually get to create the layouts!

I’m very lucky that this year I made Traci Reed’s Project Life team when she did her once a year call at the end of last year, so to say I was excited is an understatement! I’ve been a big fan of Traci’s from way back and have had the privilege of being on her team twice before over the years.

This year my cover page is using Traci’s gorgeous new January Pocket Life Collection, it is a huge collection which contains a FULL kit, alphas, title pages, journaling pages, filler pages, date stamps and labels/tags. This kit alone would create a album full of pages, and yet Traci is going to be a collection like this EACH MONTH!


I’m really loving how my cover page has turned out this year, and I’m even thinking of printing the cards/photos and slipping them into a 12×12 Design A Sleeve to give it a little more dimension! Something that’s going to be easy to do as my gorgeous husband got me a A3 Printer for Christmas this year!! I’m very excited, because that means that I can print my layouts at 12×12 if I so wish, and then just slip them into an album, if I’m short on time!


I’m going to be loading all my layouts to my gallery at Sweet Shoppe Designs which you can check out here

Here are some great sites to check out if you are tackling Project Life this year as well!

- Traci Reed.com

- Sweet Shoppe Designs

- Peppermint Creative

- The Lily-pad

- Pinterest

There are also some great facebook groups that are online which members can share their layouts as well, here are just a few I’m a member of

- Project Life Junkies (Worldwide)

- Project Life Australia (Australian)

- Project Life 2013 (Worldwide)

- Project Life gone Digital (Worldwide)

You’ll also be able to find all my weekly layouts in one spot here on my blog under Project Life 2014

If you are doing project life as well this year, be sure to leave your blog address in the comments, I would love to follow along as well!



January 5, 2014
by mummytofive

Changing the way I look at blogging and how its effects this blog….

This year I’ve decided to make some changes to my blog here and I figured it was about time I came and shared it with you all.

Last year was a big year for us in terms of our family and our family life. Hubby has a job with takes him away from home for up to two weeks sometimes, so my focus shifted from focusing and growing my blog to being a single mother for two weeks at a time. With 5 children, I’m sure you could imagine that I didn’t have a lot of spare hours in the day to spend on my blog.

I burnt out from stressing on what to write here, sharing good enjoyable content that my readers would like the read and I didn’t want my blog to be all about the giveaways that I have been able to organise for my readers. The emails from PR companies still continued to come in while I was taking a break and I just didn’t have the time or energy to focus on getting them photographed/written up and then organising to post them out once the giveaway was completed.

So I walked away from it all, I knew that it was what I needed to do for my family and I knew that I could only come back when I was fully ready to blog on a more consistent time schedule.

During that time what I wasn’t blogging, I did go back to my love (of craft) which was scrapbooking. I have been doing a lot these past few months and even came back in October to share some of my layouts!

I picked up my big camera (Canon 5D Mark III) and have been enjoying photographing the kids in their school environments/play dates/beach excursions and knew that I need to focus on that once more. My memory keeping and documenting for the kids.

So often we got so busy doing life with our children that we don’t actually take the time to be in our lives with our children. That’s one thing that we noticed during the year, we were do busy doing all the things, like housework , running to and from sports that we didn’t have the time to just sit and enjoy doing the little things with our children.

I’m changing that this year! We are taking time each week to do things with our kids just as a family, to enjoy being a family, making memories that the kids will always look back on fondly and remember. I don’t want the kids to remember their childhood as their parents always being too busy for them. Being a large family, it can be hard to do things, or we don’t go places because all we think about it all the effort it takes to do things or we worry about how we will handle the day. Sometimes it seems like its just too much effort and its easier to stay home, but how boring is that!

I’m also doing Project Life this year and I’m going to blog them here each week, I really want to make my scrapping a focus here again on the blog, and will be sharing hints and ideas on how to best manage doing PL on a small time frame.

Here are some of the things I’m wanting to do on the blog this year.

- Share my weekly Project Life layouts and also link up some great designers that I love, their products and freebies that are available around the web.

- Share fun things to do as a family on a budget

- Organise quality giveaways that I can share with my readers

- Share more of our organisational tips that keep our family household of 7 running smoothly.

So there you have it! The new direction that my blog is heading in! I hope you’ll come along for the ride!

Tomorrow I’m going to share my Cover Page for my Project Life album!!

October 25, 2013
by mummytofive

Blowing out the Cobwebs in here…

And its not even Halloween!

Its been such a long time that I posted in here, that I even had to request my password again cause I totally was having a mind blank on what it was!!

So a quick update on the home front here and then a insight to the future of the blog.

Hubby is finally back to work after being told by his old employer that he would be having two weeks off before heading to a new mine site for work… that was over 4 months again!

2013-08-30 08.11.26

Yep, I’ve had darling hubby home with me for these past four months, so we have been spending lots of time with the kids and doing the school/kindy stuff and soccer/church of a weekend! Its amazing how fast those past 4 months have gone though as he’s now back working, although on a much better roster of only 6 days on, 6 days off which means he’s not away from home like his last roster of 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off. That roster certainly was driving me crazy!

I’ve also been spending more time on my other love beside my family and thats my scrapbooking! I’ve always been a digital scrapbooker but I noticed over the past few months that even though I was still taking the photos I wasnt doing anything with them like I normally do!

I’m really lucky to be on two amazing creative teams for some of the best designers in the Digital Scrapbooking industry Gina Miller Designs and Peppermint Creative. Both of these ladies are amazingly inspiring to me and I love being able to work with their designs and showcasing them in my layouts!

Here are just some that I’ve done lately!

Gina Miller Design Layouts

colorrun-copy dominic13-copy justthethreeofus-copy makka-copy

Peppermint Creative Layouts

2girls-copyadam-copy annabellenearly5-copy dominic-rockstar-copy fallingleaves-copy falllayout_trace-copy FamilyTradition-copy FathersNight-copy makayla-beautifulsmile-copy movienight-copy thennow-copy trace_halloweenphoto-copy uniquemum-copy

Its only taken me a week to write this post and two goes to get these layouts loaded!

You never know, I might even be on here more regularly now!

July 22, 2013
by mummytofive
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Pink – A Concert like no other!

As I turned 30 at the start of this year, I realised that there are a few things in life that I’ve missed out on doing, cause we started our family so early in our married life. I was 22 when I had Dominic and because we did there are things that wernt possible to do with a young child!

One of those things, was to go to a concert!

This 30 year old has NEVER been to a concert in her life! Well that was until Saturday just gone and I popped my concert cherry with some girlfriends and I saw Pink in concert here in Brisbane!

She seriously is one amazing performer to see live in concert! Her voice is amazing and one who sounds so close to her albums when she sings live! Its a full stage production with acrobatics by Pink and her backup dancers and singers make this one memorable experience!

DSC02385a DSC02415a DSC02417a DSC02434a DSC02457a DSC02463aPerforming most of her songs from her latest album The Truth About Love, there were also some of her earlier songs that she played as well!

But the show stopper for the night was definitely her performance while singing “So What!”

I’m so disappointed that my camera went flat before I was able to record/ take photos of her performing that song, I would seriously go to her concert again just to see her performance during that song again!

If you get the chance to see her live in concert, be sure to go, its an experience of a lifetime!

You can check out her tour dates here on her website - Pinks Page

(This is not a sponsored post, I paid for my ticket to Pink and I wanted to share some photos of my night!)



June 27, 2013
by mummytofive

Our Australian Winter Bucket List 2013

We are currently in our first week of three weeks of school holidays here at home so we have been coming up with ideas of things that we can do while the kids are off of school! I dont want them to be stuck at home all day, cause I know all they are going to want to do is play the Wii or Playstation!

So I had a look on Pinterest for inspiration for bucket list ideas! The only problem that I found was that all the Winter Bucket Lists on there were for the American Winter, which all involved snow! We dont get snow here in Queensland so I had to come up with my own bucket list of age appropriate things to do with our kids!

Here is a list of things we are planning on doing this school holidays!

auswinterbucketlist-webWhat is on your Winter Bucket list these school holidays/winter season?!